When beset by stress and negative energies how many of you…?

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find peace in the arts and crafts, be it weaving, painting, clay working, metal working, music, etc?

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Metal working for me,


singing, sculpting, painting, sewing, origami–I do a lot of art forms


All, The central idea being is do anything which is radically different from things that give / cause & is reason for stress. A person’s mind has to be de attached from it & so it is beneficial if he/she reads, listens to music, does painting, gardening, clay etc.
Meditation is also one way but that involves no physical activity to be busy & thats why it is hard. A settled calm mind would guide you out of any stress & drive out negative energies.


I play video games or read (I nurture my inner child). 🙂


I find stress relief in numerous ways. I enjoy music and all forms of nature. I appreciate art…but I’m not an artist.
Nature is the best artist of all. (seriously). Maybe I’m lucky to live where I live…but the scenery is stunning. The lakes, the mountains, the rivers, the forests, the skies…it’s all just so amazing to me….I love it!!


i find peace in metal work and sword fighting


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