Home Discussion Forum When beset by stress and negative energies how many of you...?

When beset by stress and negative energies how many of you…?

find peace in the arts and crafts, be it weaving, painting, clay working, metal working, music, etc?


  1. All, The central idea being is do anything which is radically different from things that give / cause & is reason for stress. A person’s mind has to be de attached from it & so it is beneficial if he/she reads, listens to music, does painting, gardening, clay etc.
    Meditation is also one way but that involves no physical activity to be busy & thats why it is hard. A settled calm mind would guide you out of any stress & drive out negative energies.

  2. I find stress relief in numerous ways. I enjoy music and all forms of nature. I appreciate art…but I’m not an artist.
    Nature is the best artist of all. (seriously). Maybe I’m lucky to live where I live…but the scenery is stunning. The lakes, the mountains, the rivers, the forests, the skies…it’s all just so amazing to me….I love it!!


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