When are people going to realize that "God" is just pure positive energy?






When are people going to realize that “God” is just pure positive energy?And not a man nor a woman.


  1. when are people going to realize positive energy is just the right thing, its the way to happiness, or at least part of it, its not God. God is a theist term, and as an athiest I don’t like the term. There is only the unknown, nobody knows anything, and the God that religious freaks speak of does not exist.

  2. “Positive” and “Negative” are arbitrary terms and when applied to energy are driven by math.
    There is no reason to think that energy is sentient or a god.

  3. I know that. I’m sure a lot of others know that too. To me at least, the Lord and Lady are manifestations of the genderless primordial source of all energy. They are unto themselves as well, but at the core they are part of that primordial source.

  4. Myself? Never. God is neither male or female. Jesus was male; I don’t know what He is now, in the glorified body. Possibly without gender, but with masculine attributes? I won’t know until I meet Him.

  5. What in the world is “pure positive energy”?
    It seems whenever people try to define their idea of god, it’s turns out to be just some jumble of feel good words like “pure positive energy” that upon inspection really constitute no coherent meaning.
    EDIT- oh, and giving thumbs down doesn’t make you any less incoherent.

  6. Just try reading a small sample of Christian postings on here!!!
    Intolerant, egotistical, hate filled and bigoted!! Eschewing education, science, evolution works of fiction and much, much more. Christians are the only religion opposing human rights and persecuting gays, pro choice and so much more – but far worse whilst they demand freedom of religion they deny it to all non Christians and persecute them!!!
    There is nothing positive about that terrible human emotion and absolutely no chance they follow a loving god!!

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