When all the old hags die out, will society move forward?

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So is it just me, or is the youth becoming more acceptiong of each other as time movie on. I mean whenever i hear people discussing their opposition towards gay marriage, religions, racial backgrounds) its always older people. But i noticed that younger people have more tolerance and get along with people despite their choices. Maybe when they all die, society will prosper 🙂

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Social developments are always lost more on the older people who have lived longer without them. Social progress made now will be lost on people who are older now. Social progress made when we are old will be lost on us.
The short answer is, there will always be a fresh supply of old hags.


Yah. I agree with you. I hate when people get catergorized with a certain group of people by what they say, look like, or were born with. If we could all coexist and not infringe on anyone’s rights, life would be easier and healtier.
We can either look to the past, look to the future, or do something about it in the present.

Long Rydher

young people are idiots.


Till they die, someone else will be becoming old & there will be something new for the younger people to be crazy about.
when you’ll get old enough, you’ll see things about your children or grandchildren that you wouldn’t like,but it will be thier time not yours as for now it’s your time so never mind anyone ……..


You’ll be able to answer your own question in about another 40 years.


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