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What/Who do you feel you were in a past life … … … ?

Q1: What/Who do you feel you were in a past life … … … ???
PS : I feel i was a Philosopher in my past life, bec sometime i can read people mind, i can read hidden things from mind … what about you ???
Q2: For those who have tried Past Life Regression—care to share your experiences … … … ???
Do you really think what you discovered are your past lives or are they just a product of your imagination … … … ???
Q3: Do you got your past life soul mate this life but who is not with you now … … … ???
Q4: Is your past life better than this one … … … ???
PS : do you think my qs have no sense … … … ???
^^ HassaN ^^


  1. You are eternal, and this is the only life you have ever lived.
    You do not change form when you die, neither can you re-enter the womb and be reborn.
    The only way you can be born-again is spiritually through Christ; where He resurrects you from the dead through Himself – for He is the resurrection and has Himself been raised from the dead in a new body.
    He also raised Lazarus from the dead in Lazarus’ own body – not in a re-incarnated body.
    Those who have lived on earth in times past are still alive. If they were restored to the book of life through Christ, they are with God in heaven, and are awaiting for God to create for them a new body that will never die, and they be restored to it.
    Those who die not in the book of life are separated from God forever.

  2. I can usually make sense of your questions, Hassan. Some people just don’t have the time or don’t want to put in the time to understand what you’re asking. So English wasn’t your first language, big deal *sarcasm*.
    I do not believe in reincarnation, karma, and past lives. I believe you live once then die and go to Heaven or Hell depending on your choice concerning Jesus.
    That’s my belief.
    Besides, why would you want to keep coming back? What if you never got it right and were stuck in the cycle of living and dying and never found rest? Bummer!

  3. I don’t think I can completely answer all of this, because I’m not really sure WHO I was in my past life/lives. I would love to do past life regression, but I’m not really sure how to go about setting that up. Here is what I do know. I remember bits and pieces that I know for certain are not memories of any event of my current life. I know that in at least one life I was very poor and lived in a remote area where my family farmed land that we owned. My most vivid memory from that life is of running, as a child, through a field half-grown with wheat, barefoot, and feeling terrified. No idea what I was running from or toward. The reason I attribute that to past life instead of a childhood nightmare is the clothes that I was wearing. It was a scratchy kind of linen in a style that a child of a peasant class would wear in the 18th or 19th century. In that or another life, I was a young woman in better financial standing (again, I believe this because of my attire in the memory), riding in a carriage on a cobbled road at night. I was excited and also scared. Not sure when that could have been though, or where.
    The common theme with these and my other memores is that I mostly remember feelings and images, not the specific details of the situation or who I was. I’m not completely sure I believe in soul mates. Not in the manner our culture has defined that term, at least. My current life, so far, is probably better than those past. My future is bright at this point.
    I must also say that I’m not even completely sure I believe in past lives, in spite of the inexplicable presence of these memories in my mind. It doesn’t really mesh with my views of the rest of the universe, so I guess you could say I’m really still figuring all of this out.
    Your questions make sense, albeit a little hard to read.

  4. i sometimes feel that i did live b4..
    i feel that the ppl that are in my life were there with me…
    im not sure though…i have no memory of it

  5. I must have been someone very bad in my past life, because the life I am living now tortures me day and night. So I must have done so very bad stuff and now I am paying for it big time. I think I was a murderer or something.
    I have never even heard of past life regression, what is it about?
    I dont have a soul mate yet
    I would love to know, but like I said I think I was a very bad person in my past life and now I am paying for it.
    I love your questions:] They make me think.

  6. I was a Greek Goddess………….
    I was a Warrior Princess…………
    Roman or Greek but some how connected to Greek ancient times more so………My soul is old so I have lived in the ancient times…but no memories of Jesus or when he was around…………..
    I lived in the Medieval times……………
    I lived in the Victorian time with Mozart as well :)))))))))))))))))))))

  7. Q1: What/Who do you feel you were in a past life … … … ???
    A fairy
    Q2: For those who have tried Past Life Regression—care to share your experiences … … … ???
    no experience yet
    Do you really think what you discovered are your past lives or are they just a product of your imagination … … … ???
    Q3: Do you got your past life soul mate this life but who is not with you now … … … ???
    Q4: Is your past life better than this one … … … ???
    PS : do you think my qs have no sense … … … ???
    Not at all.. great question..

  8. I feel that I was a peasant in a past life, with a love for animals..I saw many around me.
    I have never tried past life regression, but would like to one day.
    Yes I have my past life soul mate here in this life, I know who he is but we are not together.
    My past life was better only in terms that it was simpler and peaceful.
    and no, I think your questions make perfect sense.
    I forgot one…I believe that i actually lived before, at least twice.

  9. 1. I don’t remember any past lives…I wish I did, that would be so interesting.
    (I can’t read minds, but I have very good intuition about people.)
    2. Past lives are very real. We come back a number of times to experience the full range of experiences and emotions.
    3. I’m not sure about that one. I don’t know that I’ve ever met soul mate.
    4. I believe that the life we’re living now is a direct result of what we did in our past lives. It’s all a learning experience of whatever you make it.
    I think these were VERY good questions that deserve attention.

  10. Q1: I don’t believe in past lives as such because i believe there is no persistent subject of experience, so really i don’t even believe people maintain a constant identity in this life. Each experience is labelled with an ego, so it appears there is a self. I do believe in the transmission of information in the form of apparent memories by non-sensory means, because it sometimes appears that people have memories which didn’t happen to them but which can be verified as happening, and the simplest explanation i can think of is that something like reincarnation has happened.
    Due to all that, i don’t believe i was anyone in a past life, but there does appear to be a link between the experiences of Olaf Stapledon and my own life, including what seems to be a hint in his book ‘Odd John’ which i think he put there as an experiment, as he did attempt to communicate telepathically with people in the past and future. So, whereas i wasn’t a philosopher in a past life some of my memories are from one – he was a professional philosopher.
    Q2: Yes, but i think the “memories” are like dreams, in that they are how non-existence is represented by the conscious mind. Just as sleep is a short period of non-existence, possibly including dreams, so is the period before your conception, when the matter composing your nervous system existed but you didn’t, and the uninterpretable “adventures” of that matter end up being interpreted.
    Q3: I don’t believe in soul mates. I think they’re a useful myth which spurs people to try harder in relationships and in that sense a self-fulfilling prophecy, but there are no people you’re fated to be with and any number of people could have filled that role in your life depending on what’s happened in your life – which club you went to, what job you have, which town or city you live in and so on.
    Q4: Only if nostalgia makes previous recollected experiences which did not actually happen in my life seem so.
    PS: No, i think they do make sense, though your world view clearly differs from mine considerably.

  11. Q1: I feel i was a leprechaun.
    Q2:There was a pot of gold and lucky charms. They were magically delicious. It might have been my imagination.
    Q3: No.
    Q4: No.

  12. I was the daughter of a wealthy couple and lived in Atlanta, GA during the Civil War era. I was an only child and my parents left their money to me when they died. I was able to open a millinery shop after the War, and continued to live in Atlanta until my death in the 1880s. I never married or had children.

  13. i honestly think i was a japanese (chance chinese) in one of my past lives…i’ve had six so….lol…but i think i fought in some kind of organization.

  14. I think I were a princess in my past life. Lots of my friends told it to me. And I am pleased ;)) I called “white” a “milk color” when I was a child, and I have a lot of strange old manners now 🙂 I have some friends whom I understand very well, I think they were my friends in my past life, but… This my life is much better than any other. In my past life I hadn’t got the Internet;)) I believe in past life regression, and believe in ppl who did it, but I don’t want to feel it myself. It is very strange and I am really afraid of it.
    PS you qs is very interesting, I have a lot of thoughts… We will never found out who we were many years ago, but it’s very exciting.

  15. I once did a test and the results showed I have been a priestess in a temple… I don’t know what to say, as I clearly can’t remember anything about past lives. That was only one of my past lives.


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