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Whats your opinion on the fact that nothing happens on the physical without it happening on the Astral first?

I look forward to your sagacious answers.
holyoke: How does this answer my question?
Kadinsky: Astral will do much, much more for mankind than the physical EVER will.


  1. My opinion is that there is no ‘fact’ that the astral plane exists. Without evidence of an astral plane, it’s very hard to support any theory that astral dictates anything on the physical.
    If you can support the fact of an astral plane I’ll revise my opinion : )
    PS Your namesake died in penury due to his beliefs about such things. Physical puts food on the table, astral does what??

  2. Ummmm, well, thoughts create everything, feelings, actions, etc, and the astral plane is the place where thoughts originate. The astral plane being the next level up from the physical has an impact on the physical world. Illness starts on the astral. Thoughts, feelings etc are created on the astral plane and if they persist, in time, their energy moves closer to the physical body where they manifest as illness. Stress related diseases being such common examples. S
    Paint a picture, write a piece of music, build a house….all these things are firstly created on the astral…in the imagination, then in time, we see them manifest in reality. So all astral activity such as using the imagination will influence our physical reality.
    “as above,so below”
    A film ‘Whatever Dreams May Come’ with Robin Williams…is about life on both the astral plane and the earth plane….”thoughts are real, the physical is the illusion”
    So which is the true reality?
    Best of luck in both worlds x


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