What's your opinion on getting a first deck of tarot cards? Bad to buy yourself or myth?

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A few people have told me buying my own tarot cards isn’t good while others have told me it’s a myth and it’s a good idea to buy your own tarot cards because than you are comfortable with the style of card.
If you have tarot cards how did you receive them and what do you believe in?
Thank you everyone~!

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i bought them when i was 10 just for fun they dont really work tho they r just for fun


Well you can buy them yourself but you should buy ones that you feel are comfortable to you not just the pretty pictures. its not bad to buy them yourself. i have no cards but i believe there is a reason why things happen the way they do.


dont just buy the first tarrot deck you see make sure you go to new age stores and go with the one that you connect with its fine to buy your own when you get it sleep with it in your pillowcase to share your energy with it and make sure you clense them with sage before using them. goodluck!


I have bought almost al of my own decks, and never had a problem. I do not believe that you have to have someone else buy your deck.


I’ve been reading the Tarot for 28 years (I’m 47 years old). Although my first deck was given to me, I have bought many, many decks since then. There is no reason why you can’t buy a deck for yourself. It’s more important that you resonate with the deck–than whether it was given to you or you bought it yourself. Go ahead and buy yourself a deck. May I suggest you check out http://www.usgamesinc.com/home.php?cat=1 They currently have over one hundred of decks available. I also suggest you check out Students of the Tarot http://www.students-of-tarot.com/index2.html
At that site you can select various decks and do a reading (it’s free). The site is a great resource for experimenting with various decks.


i have never heard that it’s bad to buy your own tarot cards i perfer to buy them myself because maybe you feel a certain type of energy around a certain deck or something


dont even go near those things my mom has them in her house and she brought spirits in with them…


I think it is perfectly fine to buy them yourself. I perfer it. I like to feel mine and see if I like them in general. I have several decks now and I have purchased them all.


Hmmm, I never heard that story, that someone should buy them for you. I don’t like it because it’s very, very important to me to choose the deck that I like.
I like the older decks, the more traditional ones. I hate the newer ones and especially the ones that are too cute.


whoever says you’re going to hell for buying terot cards is paronoid. they are not sinful just fun. they don’t actually do anything.


It is perfectly OK to buy your own deck. If it is your 1st and you are about to learn, by the simplest design.
The Swiss or Marsielles, Medieval decks are good. Some people like the Rider-Waite, but I prefer one with plainer pip cards.


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