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What's your opinion of mental telepathy?

My husband and I can communicate with each other by mental telepathy. I sense when he needs to get a phone call from me. I always know when he is ill, even if he is far away from me. My mother and I had this too. Have you had this experience with someone? I’ve heard that it is very common with twins.


  1. Yes, I believe in it. You know we don’t use our whole brains, so I think that we have abilities that some people are more tapped into than others, such as telepathy. One time I picked up the phone to call my girlfriend and there was no dial tone, so I said “Hello?”, and it was her on the phone! She called me the same time I was calling her. It was so weird. It seems like we read each other’s minds a lot. It happens more often with people you are close to.

  2. i believe it may be possible. some 90% of the human brain is not just unused but an unknown. scientist have been going to new worlds below the sea into the stars. but the biggest mystery in the world is the human brain. maybe someday we will unlock the secrets our mind hides. and maybe telepathy is contained there. who knows !!!

  3. I used to have it with my husband too, I could even “get” his request for what he wanted for dinner or get him to call me
    he would say I was just “thinking” about that

  4. When I wake up in the morning with a feeling of foreboding that makes me want to not leave the house…only to find I had
    one of the worst days ever. I always regret not following my instincts.

  5. I have used this to some extent on friends and family. Usually I am the “receiver” while someone else broadcasts. I will normally get the feeling that someone is in need of me, so I will get in touch with them. (And they will tell me “I was just thinking of you.”) Or when the phone rings I can answer (no call display on my phone) yes ___? with their name. This used to freak my nephew out because I did it each time to him and his sisters when they called.
    I also had the “feeling” when someone was seriously hurt (and it might not look like it) or just “knew” that it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Each time being proven right by further testing.
    I can’t call the ability up whenever I want to though…it either happens spontaneously, or not at all.

  6. I have a twin brother and we used to communicate via mental telepathy when we were younger. My brother is now incarcerated and lives a polar opposite life of me. I believe that you can only have telepathy if both parties participate in the process. You are lucky you have this with your husband-that is really cool!

  7. The only telepathic sense I get sometimes is a feeling of dread or impending doom, but can’t tell where it is coming from in time to help someone else or myself.

  8. Yep…..used to be real up on it. Sounds crazy but it was normal for me when I was younger….then for years I had premonitions of my sisters death and it happened. Except I thought it was for me. I tried to go on and see what I could do to develop it……but all mine were bad things. Got to the point where I wished I didn’t know what I knew…..I was unbelievably accurate. Again sounds crazy….but I prayed NOT to know…..now it’s gone completely and none of the gift is there now. Never bent spoons or moved glasses or picked lotto numbers……just “knew” things. I couldn’t control it……couldn’t command it…..so I thought maybe learning more would make it easier. But there came a time when I didn’t want to know…..got to painful….thing is…with a gift you not only loose the part you don’t like….you loose the part you do like…..didn’t count on that but don’t regret it. Just would have been nice to sense good things……never did.

  9. My sister, and also my daughter and I can sense the other. It’s very common, to have one or the other of them on my mind and recieve a phone call.

  10. I’m not sure what it is , but my husband and I communicate that way sometimes, knowing what the other wants/needs at the time. My mom and I often ‘know’ when the other one is sick. Sometimes I think I need to call someone and it’s a time they really need me to.

  11. Let me think about it. hummmm…. yes, I do have a potion for that. I give it to my very-old-man so that we could cut back on our cell phone bills. LOL When I go shopping I get this vibe. It’s my very-old-man telling me to go to Victoria’s Secret and buy something in purple and black, so I do that for him. Heee hee hee

  12. I’m not a twin but have story to tell. When my children were still in the home, EACH AND EVERY TIME they had an accident or became ill during the work day SOMETHING told me to go home…it got so they were ‘scared’ of me and said I had a third eye. True story.
    Even now I can ‘sense’ when I am needed and call them. I ask how they are; they say ‘fine’ – I say ‘Wanna tell me the real deal?’…then they say “Aw Mom!’ and tell me what’s going on with them.
    And yes, I believe the mind has powerful abilities which remain mostly untouched by us as we have evolved to rely on external support systems.

  13. My brother has an amazing ability to sence things. We were riding with him to a different city one time, he said, “Hmm, someone is thinking of us, we’ll get a call soon.” No kidding, 20 seconds later his cell phone rang. Twas his wife calling with good news. I want some of that. What a nice gift to own and interesting stories normally come along with. I’ll try to turn it on with my son some more. Wish me luck.

  14. My mother and I had this the last year of her life. So I believe there is something to it. Also Deja Voue (probably misspelled) I have been to three places that I know I had never been to before or seen pictures of, but I knew exactly what they looked like and what we would see around the next bend in the road. There is something to all of this ESP. It makes interesting reading.

  15. I have many of the same experiences. When I was younger it seemed stronger, used to freak out an ex husband (I’d always know where he was and what he was doing) and it would freak out a former boss (I’d hand him things he hadn’t asked for yet or answer questions he hadn’t yet asked). It’s actually kind of cool, isn’t it.

  16. I share this with my middle daughter.When she was stationed in Germany for 2 years,when I wanted her to call,I would say out loud Charissa call your Mom.Go to bed the next morning she would call.Hey Mom hows everything…then we would just catch up quickly.Still works today..even on e-mail….

  17. It is real, my oldest grandson could read my mind when he was small. My deaf foster daughter could tell what we were thinking, we had special tests done to confirm her abilities and mine, very interesting.


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