Home Discussion Forum What's your favourtie Incubus song or albumn?

What's your favourtie Incubus song or albumn?

I would say my favourite album is Make Yourself and my favourite song is Make Yourself.
Yet, it’s so hard to choose! What are your favourite Incubus songs or albums?


  1. warning, certain shade of green, dig, and drive. morning view was really good. i could listen to it all day. it’s a beautiful album.

  2. Wow this is hard…
    Top 3 Albums-
    Morning View
    A Crow Left of the Murder
    Make Yourself
    Top 5 Songs-
    Monuments and Melodies
    Oil and Water
    Are You In?
    The Warmth
    Favorite Live Performances-
    Yahoo! Live Sets
    Alive at Red Rocks (2004)
    AT&T Acoustic Series
    I love them so much!
    (Sorry I have to add Rogues to my list of favorites)


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