what's your favorite flower and why?






by MagickMoneyMama:

Have a favorite flower/plant? what is it? and why? know any cool facts about your flower? does it have any healing properties?
By the way, Mine is first the rose, I love a good cup of rose hip tea.
Secondly, I love the orchid, the orchids blossoms can be dried and used in “self love” rituals and enhances psychic energy.
Response to: K.biewald…. ah Yes…the passionflower. Is that an invite?

Answer by ericabishop691 WHY? SO? SERIOUS?
hmm dont know much about flowers, but I love violets and lilacs.
Not sure about the medicinal properties of them tho. Sounds klike u know yer stuff!
Blessed be!


  1. Yeah mines the Rose I mostly love the red ones it’s my months flower and it means decietful I seem to be kind of like that sometimes.

  2. My favorite flower is a peony. When I was in high school, I was in the middle of a major depression. The theatre club got together one year after school for a party at the beach just down the road from the school. Being so down, I didn’t want to be around people. So I wandered down the beach where there was no one. There was a tree that had fallen and I sat on the trunk. Right near the tree were a bunch of pink peonies growing wild. I don’t know what it was about them, but I was instantly cheered up and felt lovely. I don’t know of any magickal or healing properties of this flower. I just know I’m drawn to it.
    One interesting, and sometimes annoying fact: ants are drawn to peonies and it can be difficult to get them off of the flower should you decide to cut a stem.

  3. I like lilies. I like the colors they come in and when it’s in full bloom, I like their shape. They’re pretty to me.

  4. My favorite flower is the Sunflower. Sunflowers are the flower for my birth month and my astrological sign.
    Aztecs and Incas grew sunflowers in reverence for the sun diety. Sunflowers move throughout the day to face the sun. Sunflowers are some of the most versatile foodsources in the world. Not only is there sunflower seeds and oil, but a spread much like peanut butter can be made from them. Sunflowers are also used in biodiesel, bird seed, and livestock feed.

  5. Forget – Me – Not Flower — because it was used as a symbol for the Masonic Fraternity when it was forced to go underground during Hitler’s Reign of Terror.
    Whenever our Masonic Brothers see a Forget – Me – Not Flower we are reminded that they will never be forgotten because there are many of us who will always remember what happened during this period of time and when we need assistance we can rely upon one another no matter who or where we are.

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