Home Discussion Forum What's your favorite "A HAUNTING" episode?

What's your favorite "A HAUNTING" episode?

it’s mostly sleep paralysis and just crap the writers add, but it’s entertaining.


  1. OMG! i thougth i was the only 1 that watched that show..LOLL..guess not..My fave is the 1 where a girl that was a santanist unleashed a demon..and It stayed in the house until A new family came..DUN DUN DUN…LOLL…I liked it because the demon was very scray looking..in most episodes it isn’t…=(..

  2. I liked the one where it took place in China, or Asia, and the house was literally designed to be a curse to anyone who moved there.

  3. thats a tough question, I have seen every single episode and Ive never seen one I didnt like, I liked the one where the man was telling his story on the radio and in the story his entire family was destroyed by the spirit in his house…..I liked “a haunting in Ireland” and “the unleashed” just a really intense unpredictable one, ghost hunter was pretty awesome too, a kid goes ghost hunting with his mom the investigator and gets possessed, blacking out at school and home he does all these things that he doesnt even know he does….I actually normally agree’d to some extent with the ratings for each episode at this site
    the higher the rating for me, the more intense it seemed to get
    if you want to watch them online, this guy has loads of them in his channel on youtube http://www.youtube.com/rad325 they either go by A.H. or A Haunting when your searching his videos


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