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whats your fav color~~this chart tells you the meaning of spiritual signifigance of colors?

Red is the color of energy, vitality and power. It is used for burning out cancer, drying up weeping sores or wounds, etc., it will warm cold areas to reduce pain. Red is a powerful healing agent for healing diseases of the blood and circulation. It will help with depression. Red is not to be used on people with high blood pressure or anxiety. If you stay under the red ray too long or are exposed to red for a considerable time it will make you very agitated or even aggressive. It is associated with the male polarity. A red carpet or wall – in a place of business – will draw money. If you are a sales person – try wearing something red!!
The mental body in both its logical and conceptual form. It is used to increase immunity, to increase sexual potency, to help in all digestive ailments, chest and kidney diseases. Orange will have a gentle warming effect if used lightly. Orange, like red should not be used for too long. It is not a good color for nervous people or people easily agitated.
The peach frequency is used for peace, truth, and balance.
Yellow is the color of intellect and it is used for mental stimulation, it will help you think quicker. It is good for clearing a foggy head. To help cure dermatitis and other skin problems and again it must be used carefully because it is very stimulating and it could cause exhaustion and depression.
Green is the color of healing and traveling back in time. It will balance the emotions and brings about a feeling of calmness. Green is a good general healing color because it stimulates growth therefore it is good for helping heal broken bones – regrowth of tissue of all kinds. Green is also alchemy – the alchemy of consciousness from one realm to another through the spiraling energies of DNA – Sacred Geometry
Green as a healing frequency can be placed around family members who are ill. Though many of you are not attuned in the palms of your hands with this frequency color – it is part of you now.
If you wish to heal someone – begin by asking the person if they wish to be healed. That may sound like a silly question but it is necessary. Help them find the emotional base for the ailment if you can, before you heal anyone.
You can not promise to heal them but you can make them feel more comfortable and show them how healing is done. Perhaps you can awaken the healing abilities in others. Just remember not to force this with anyone who is not ready and that healing is not for everyone.
When you and the person are ready to begin, find a calm quiet place. Be sure the person is relaxed with what you are doing and assure them you will not hurt them in any way. If you have a favorite healing crystal–use that when you heal.
The person can sit or lay down. No need to remove their clothing. Work first with the emotional aspects of the problem. Give the person hope. Get them to relax.
Ask your guides to protect you so their energies do not enter into your frequency.
Visualize the color green coming through your palms as you hold them just above –or gently on–someone with a problem.
Scan their body for ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ spots. That is where the blockages are. Tell them what you are doing and what you see and feel.
Now visualize the green healing energies coming through you as you work. Visualize them entering the person’s body at the higher levels, especially the emotional body. Watch them sift through the cells of the person who is ill and moving the Chi energies.
You can have a third person take a picture of your doing the healing to see if you get a green aura of light around you or the person.
Feel your connection to the higher frequencies as you heal. Work with the heart chakra as it is the frequency green. You may even take it to the newer frequency of green=turquoise (green -blue).
There is no time limit for this. Usually a few minutes is all that is needed. Try to repeat the healing for 3 consecutive days–10 minutes a day.
You can heal yourself as well.
You can teach others to use the color green to heal.
You can send the green frequency to the planet for healing.
Try a past life regression with someone you trust placing them in the green bubble. See where you knew them in another lifetime. Green takes you back in time.
ok sorry~purple is a very spiritual color often associated with enlightenment and psychic abilities~also very present in natural channels and healers~anybody into the higher spiritual growth areas~psychics, healers, mediums often gravitate to this color
Black~(actually black and silver)
protective~ encompassing~and reflective
oftetimes in olden days black candles were used to dissipate or reflect negative energies back to the sender~~ silver is also used for this purpose.
also black candles were used in protection spells to cast a cloak over someone under psychic attack~~
silver is oftentimes seen also as a wealth attractor~so is dark green and the color gold


  1. I like blue. So where it is?
    Does red has something to do with love?
    Green is pretty weird… o_0
    Because the healing technique is weird… o_0
    And does green has to do with plant? I mean like to plant more flowers to change the world a better place or something?
    And i bet u copy it from some website…right????


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