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Whats wrong with my astral body?

Whenever i try to astral project.It comes halfway out then my body sucks my soul back in my body witout me telling it,feeling it,thinking it,or saying it.It acts like a black hole.I got out once but my voice sounded like a monster.I didn’t feel human at all.


  1. one of the answers is because your body is full of negative energy.
    Another response is your soul is scared of the unknown, for example , it is scared to find out what will happen during your astral dream

  2. Nothing’s wrong, it’s just that having two of you so close together causes all sorts of energetic turbulence. If you can put ten meters between your selves you’ll find the pull will be greatly reduced. Try to grab the most distant object you can see (way out through the bedroom window ideally), and that will teleport your center of perception to near that object – that’ll probably make all the difference.
    Also, voices aren’t the natural form of communication in this state, often you won’t be able to produce any sound at all. Try exchanging visualisations of pictures or emotions instead – quite often these will be perceived as words anyway.


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