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Whats wrong with being single?

maybe its just me but i have figured out i was never good with relationships the last one i was in came and ended rather quickly.it was my crazyness that did it.lol he was a good guy. but a couple months later i have a freind who is always tryna set me up with people. i meet guys and i just want to talk i say im not looking for a relationship if they ask and make it clear that it doesnt mean i want to sleep around either but half of them are idiots and dont get that concept. im a people person i dont mind talkin but then they start to push for to much to fast.like this one guy i was talking to he confused my attitude for wanting sex .then when he realized i was serious he left the issue alone for a little bit. we talked a little bit.never even went out with him through this time ,except for the first time and on newyears he calls me. knowin we barely talk and wants to stay on the phone. midnight was about to approach and my bestie is on the other line to say happy newyear at 12 and he doest want to get off he thinks its another dude but after i made him get off not to long after 12 he text me and says your my girl now 2010 i was like huh. when he called and asked me about it i told him im speechless. i ended up having to tell him i never agreed and beat around the bush and he said with the saddest voice whats your answer i said no he repeated me and said no in the saddest voice he then said he was gon call me back i n afta a while no call and i was callin him thinkin hes being corny wantin to know if he okay and dis fool was like oh im with my homeboy somewhere near. mind you he was supposed to be comin to see me to talk since the first time he called. anyway after laughing i was like what just heppened. i know i way past strayed from my question but i had to let that out my point with that was if i initiated wanting to be with him it wouldve neva happened. and shit like this always happens when im single n happy and wantin to stay that way.At least for the time being. Then if i talk to some females they always talk about people they have on the side while with guys they are with for like 1or2 yrs and up. what the hell why not just be single n do you. cuz that shit is only askin for trouble drama and bad karma.


  1. No wonder you don’t want to be in a relationship.Look at the people you know hon.The guys you know you say are idiots,they either just want sex or are insecure and rush things.The girls you know are all skanks shacking up with guys for a few yrs and cheating on them.Not to mention the guys they shack up with probably aren’t exactly high quality either.I would stay single to in that kind of environment.
    If you do not want a relationship, then stay single if you are not going to be sexually active.If you ever change your mind, then get in church where you’ll meet some decent quality people.The United Pentecostal churches are good.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with it. The thing is, guys like girls who are happy and independent by themselves, so the happier you are on your own, the more people wanna set you up for something. It’s actually pretty cool how you are happy being single, most girls I know are very dependent on being in a relationship. I really agree with the last part, girls who do that are idiots, then they question why they’re going through the drama!

  3. Stick to how you feel, don’t let other people push you into something your not ready for. Some people don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to be in a relationship. It just means that you haven’t found a guy that sparks your interest enough to want to build a relationship with.
    Good luck…
    oh and I think that was a very strong thing for you to do, to open up and tell that guy straight out after he called you his girl that you weren’t up for it.


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