What's up with women trying to be energy vampires(intuitively steal energy)?





I’m begining to notice that women who look physically appealing to most men…I guess when they since a certain type of guy they will try to lure the guy or attract a guy by giving off a vibe. If a guy who is in tune with his emotions is able to pick up on this….then the guy and the girl more than likely have a tantric experience. But sometimes a women will only do this to connect with a guy, then try to lock into a guys heart chakra and drain it. Afterwards a guy will feel super tired while the women feels super energized, emotionally and physically.
I’ve noticed this in more than one women…many women do this…to steal someone’s energy.
Anyone else notice this?
Yeah…I know both guys and girls do this, but since I’m a guy….I only notice girls doing it.lol
I don’t mean metaphorically…i mean literally.


  1. The positive charge is what any parasite is after. Subject a has the goods and subject b whether it be a friend, sibling, spouse, friend or co worker etc. are too big on themselves, and are usually not happy with what they have or lack of gratitude, they will live in the deserve factor and you subject a are there for their feeding, they really could care less how good you are doing, they simply on a competitive level want your charm, energy, good faith and they are usually lazy to work on themselves, usually never wrong or second guess their bad ways. The humble usually gets the good vibe given freely to them, because God is humble and had executed gifts to the humble whilst the proud are resisted, sadly subject b will take what is not rightfully theirs. This stuff is honestly disgusting for subject b. I have learned that when in the presence of parasites, they will on a subconscious level have you trained to serve them and you will find your self too giving to them out of your good nature, not realizing until later in the relationship that the giving is one sided.

  2. You get energy from eating and sleeping. You can’t take someone else’s energy unless you were to kill them and eat them the same as you eat other animals/fruits and veggies. Pretty sure very very few people find that idea appealing and you will probably not ever meet such a person for as long as you live.
    It sounds like what you are witnessing is people flirting, those people are all metabolising their own energy from their own bodies.

  3. Drop your girlfriend and things will look better … I used to have a vampire girlfriend who literally made me feel suicidal. Later on I discovered she was a druggie and suffered from manic depression.

  4. I know one like this. I think she’s a lice. I consider my self to gifted with a huge karma and the ability to have the reality to my favor. But ever since I am together with my girlfriend nothing feels right. Yes it is my girlfriend. The trouble is that I love her. Which is quite ironically funny when you think of it as ‘being in love with a lice’. My trouble consists of the fact that I might not have a clear picture and maybe I’m just looking at it from a silly perspective. Maybe it’s only in me. The whole absurdness has it’s roots in my not sufficient ability to protect my karma so we still would be together in a different karmic constellation.
    But I’m too confused about all this and the lack in knowledge in this terms is gasping.
    Can someone / somebody / somespirit / somekarma give me an advice please on how and where to move my conciousness focus and energy on to ? Plus I don’t think she’s doing it willingly. To me it seems it might to do with the way she was raised and for her it’s all just natural behavior plus some ”girlyness” and her own mental obstructions caused by her lack of self confidence (which she always talks about..) Plus she’s into paeganism ,but I don’t consider that to be an agressive life style..
    It’s a combination of things I cant put my head around.
    Someone any thoughts ? Thank you.

  5. These people are not psychic vampires. Please do not give them that name. Again, that is a romantic powerful name. They are instead; Psychic parasites. If you call them a “parasite” they will eventually get the hint no one likes them. If you call them or label them something romantic as ” psy vamp” they seem to love it. Again; please spread the word , not psychic vamp but psychic parasite. As for women being more of a leech….well…its all about male energy. It has always been seen as more valuable than female energy. This also seems to be a growing situation and it also seems to be an international problem with groups of people stealing energy from entire nations. Who knows how many nations are simply just “drained” by occult groups in other nations….something to think about. Psychic Parasitism seems to be a growing addiction and its not lessening but growing. Alot of people laugh it off….and its not a laughing matter when you mention what happens if someone is driving and steals energy from someone else thats driving next to them( another vehicle) and possibly to the extent where that person loses consciousness and gets into an accident. I’m not sure what cost these…say it again….after me…these psychic parasites…have to pay in terms of karma….but then again they are possibly not human after all.

  6. Greetings!
    First off men and women can do this
    Also, men are intuitive as well but are taught to shut it down due to our patriarchal society finding it unmanly!
    However there are some techniques you can use to protect your heart chakra if you choose. You can imagine yourself in a white bubble of light with a hand over your heart chakra. You can also look at them and see a wall in front of them.
    You can also “pray” or in your head speak your desire for protection.
    There are amulets you can charge from esoteric stores
    Finally, it is more than likely your heart chakra they are draining, it has more to do with your sacral chakra unless you are feeling all emotional when its done.
    I hope this helps.

  7. Anyone can do this, despite gender. Some people just love attention. The trick is to play hard to get, don’t be so available. You can be strong against it. They can only drain you if you let them. It is *you* who give them the power over you.

  8. Well, this is strange..what you describe here. But now that you put it into words, it does make sense. It’s something that most people notice but can’t put their finger on it. Thanks.
    Yeah, women tend to be intuitive. Sucks for you.

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