What's up with telepathy? Ladies only, plz.?





Why is it that you ladies like for us men know what you want without being told? I’m not making any judgements about whether or not that expectation is reasonable, but I’m curious as to why it’s so common.


  1. cuz yall claim 2 b tha dominant sex n everything yall should of had us figured out by now…. right?….but… its sad that yall dont. n never will……lol

  2. We just expect that you should notice and pick up on things and remember them. Probably because our girlfriends usually do it…we don’t realize that most guys aren’t like that. It’s pretty unreasonable to ask u to “read our minds” and predict what we’ll want in every situation…but every now and then, with the more common things, it’s nice…

  3. Here is how it works.
    I tell my boyfriend what I want. Thanks to selective hearing, he gets about half. The other half is ‘telepathy.’
    But I actually do tell him things. Mostly it’s about backrubs.
    Anyway, it’s more fun and romantic when men know what you want. Ladies need to train them first, then expect telepathy.

  4. Us females are so difficult to understand, and you’ll probably never get it. Guys back then- I mean BACK then- treated girls like crap…and they still do today sometime!

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