Whats this TV show?

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It was on the BBC, it was about two scottish ghost hunters (fictional)
One episdoe had a ghost dog locked in a hotel.
Another episode had a succubus seducing the male lead character..
Thats about all I remember but its driving me mad I can’t think of what it was called.

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Try looking for it on the BBC website.

George Spiggot

Renta ghost ?


hmm….I really have no idea….Hope you can find it out….Lil stuff like that bothers you until you know….

Abiola RaVioli

Oh, I don’t know. Sorry I can’t remember more.


Sea of Souls


hi there …think the prog that u are describing was called …..Sea of souls ….very good it was too . i really enjoyed it


After Life. or Afterlife.
though actually, just reading the others, it probably was sea of souls. i always get those kind of programs mixed up.


Sea of Souls… Hope that helps


Smithy got it right – Sea of Souls, college professor trying to measure paranormal activities, his lady assistant could see things, but kept this a secret from the professor and the other assistant, at the end she notice pictures her daughter had been drawing start to match up with real life events. Can’t remeber their names but the woman was originally Lexie in Monarch of the Glen


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