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whats the wierdest thing you can do or the weirdest fact about your life?

exactly what it says, I’m looking for the usual vampires witches and werewolves, as well as the unusual phenomena, like street light interference, seeing ghost, healing, psichic vampireism, m shifting, p shifting, aura manipulation, psi balls, egragor, weird creatures weirdest and most detailed account gets the points, stories of friends and family included, acquaintances too, really I’m just trying to see if you guys are awake, no one seems to be answering my other questions, so I’m taking all comers


  1. I was in my room, packing up to go camping. I remember it being silent, then there was a sudden crash. As I looked around my vision got blurry and I swear I saw the face of god and heard his voice. It sounded like he was talking to a direct link to my ears, like he was all around me. I don’t remember at all what he said, it was really weird. Then I felt a sharp pain in my head and I woke up a couple hours later. My friends think it was just a dream, but I still wonder about it today.

  2. one time i went to mexico and its not like we went to the really fancy places in mexico. when we go, its to the really crappy pore places and our small hut that we live in is in the middle of the desert, so we are pretty much alone all the time in a creepy, weird deserted wasteland, and we were trying to sleep and then we heard a noise and my dad went to look and he ran inside scared, so we all looked out the window and i swear i saw this scary dog thing but it looked like it was a zombie thing and i was so scared, i couldnt sleep for the rest of our time there. i m not kidding, it was scary. like a walking dead dog that had been decaying for a long time and somehow came back to life. it was one of the scariest things i ever saw. mexico is full of creepy sh&#. if you live pore like the real people there.

  3. My cousin had just moved into her apartment, she was alone. Her kids were gone somewhere. Anyway when she was about to fall asleep she said she saw this guy with red eyes standing in the bedroom doorway. He said, “Where is your faith now, do you believe in your God?” She said it was not a dream, but I don’t know.

  4. I used to own a car that as I drove down the street, each streetlamp would shut off above it. It also had other weird things about it too — when I first bought it, I removed a license plate frame that was bolted into the front bumper with two large screws. I drove to the mall and purchased my own vanity plate to put in its place, but when I went to put it on, the screw holes were GONE, NO LIE! (<< My father and two of my friends were witness to this whole incident too, and we all searched for the holes, they were right in the middle of the front bumper, and no one found them.) Needless to say, I decided to display the plate on the dashboard instead. Another time, someone rear-ended me and when I saw the front of their car, I felt sick, until I looked over at the back of mine. There wasn't a scratch on it. Another time, the CPU died in it as I was in the middle of nowhere with my friend, but somehow the car started back up and made it all the way back to town. According to the mechanic, it shouldn't have run at all. When the timing chain went it, it happened to occur directly in front of my sister's driveway (I wasn't headed there, but I had to pass it on the way to where I was going... it could have died anywhere during the hour-long trip and it died right there? WEIRD!) I sold this car (never should have!) to someone else, and when I regretted it about a year later and offered to buy it back at a higher price, the guy said "Hell no. You don't understand. This car is BLESSED or something. I'll NEVER sell this car!" (Unfortunately I do understand... and I'll always miss my car....)

  5. i can see the past, simple as that, the was and the is going tos. for example, someone close to everyone who reads this is going to go through a major loss in three weeks. a death, a divorce, something that is going to cause undistributed stress. and guess what. you will have to live with it! oh and ive seen young ghosts in my house hold. cheers to the dead! oh god please end me, i don’t want this anymore! cant you see that its killing me? ive already lost more things than you could imagine!!!!!!!!


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