Whats the strongest of the three.dracomancer,shape shifter,or necromancer?

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I want to know whats stronger in like fantasy.no i dont mean in adventure quest.and also dont dracomancers have a link with both necromancers and shapeshifters as far as magic?

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don’t you dare underestimate Necromancers!
Oh and by the way Necromancers still have some levels….
But if you want Dracomancer vs. shape Shifter vs. Necromancer
Necromancer will definitely win.
They control the dead and they control by then the living.


Necromancer. To control the dead you eventually control all.

Fsd S

Shapeshifter isnt a real class its a side class and weak
Dracomance is good but the level 10 ability sucks badly
Necromance is ok you can rise fro mthe dead after you die as a lvl 10 necro mancer
go necromancer


dracomancers can summon a freaking dragon
dragons are the most strongest,intelligent,fiercest creature ever to walk the earth.


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