What's the point of having a third eye if you don't use it?

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Seriously, people. Think for yourselves. A book can only tell you what is printed. Form your own ideas, and your own beliefs. Jesus Christ, it’s like everyone’s asleep.

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I use it every time I drop acid.


If only.

Trish JPA and Jewish Pastafarian

Indeed; you have spoken the truth.

No Chance Without Jesus

For someone to poke it…….Jesus Christ……
who is asleep

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The third eye is that eye in everyone that tells them what to or not to do.
I don’t have one.

Daniel - Mr. Ripley

i can use my third eye. maybe you aren’t doing it right.


I use mine,seems yours haven’t developed

Rob P

Exactly. Why is it even there when it’s not being utilized? Or is it?…


Drugs are bad,…

Kevin B.

You mean, your Third Eye is Blind?


Most everyone is asleep, spiritually.
And it’s time to be “JAH-ed” awake – http://thewayhomeorfacethefire.net/
“The Sleeper Must Awaken.” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NotKSFMzfwk&feature=related


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How can it be determined that my experience of consciousness is the same as anyone else's experience of consciousness?
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