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What's the "point" in spiritual reincarnation if you don't recall past lifes, if you've had them?

I do believe in reincarnation but I don’t quite get it. You don’t recall anything. It’s basically just being born again. Then why be reincarnated in the first place if you’re nothing like your past self? Why not just live one life and just die, to most likely get forgotten in time?


  1. An excellent question, and one of the 2 reasons to disbelieve in reincarnation. The other one is if reincarnation happens, why does the population increase? Where are all the “new” people coming from, if they’re not reincarnated?

  2. reincarnation is a belief that can not be supported, there are more humans alive today then have died in all of history
    so where did the new souls come from?

  3. Reincarnation is false. A human being is always living with a group of spirits which have joined one by one since childhood. Between creatures (including human beings) and God there are millions of invisible elements. There are divisions too. We are just robots in flesh created by scientist God. Each of us have memories like that of the computers’. The fed things (data= knowledge=several spirits or invisible elements) are in contact with the memories since childhood. If current (electricity) stopped the memory loses all data. This is with computer. The same thing occurs to all of us. Computers are functioning by electric power but human beings are functioning by natural power. We call this as soul. This soul is nothing but simply a power like electricity. If this is stopped our memories lose all data (all spirits or invisible elements). These spirits leave the body and go to different places. No one lives in the form of spirit or anything after death. We are simply our bodies, the toys made for spirits for their games.
    All spirits (good and bad) have the dominating character. But God had given the mind to human beings to choose the spirits. If we choose right and good spirits our lives will be good and go smoothly. All the thoughts are not human’s. They think and we just choose. If one thought is rejected one spirit moves and another comes and starts it’s thought. Remember that even thoughts are not our own.
    To form a reincarnation all the spirits which were lived with a body must possess another person together. Then only he/she can feel same thing of the demised person. But this is not happening because the spirits never stay together to haunt or possess another. They spread and go to different bodies. Rarely there might have been certain cases but I think it had changed after some time. Spirits in their life time live with many bodies (one after another). Their memories sometimes affects the person. This is natural. This is not enough to believe that there is rebirth. No one returns after death. A human’s life ends with a single body.

  4. Reincarnation is a philosophy founded by Hindu scholars.
    In order to justify from people being born handicap, in poor family, etc.
    They say that if someone does bad(sins) in this life he will be born as handicap or another animal like cockroach etc.
    But right now as you can see how many bad(sins) people are in the world. The population of humans should go lower as what reincarnation say. But that’s not the case, population of humans is getting higher and higher.
    The people who believe in reincarnation believe that the more bad(sins) you are in this life the less likely you will be born as human on next life.
    Human is the highest you can get to be born as, so they say. Highest level.
    Anyways you have a point on your question too. You are thinking, people now a days don’t think, they just go with the flow.
    What you have is beginning and ending. If you say that you are going to have a beginning and ending again that’s an easy way out. First we got to answer how we began.(Existence).
    The easy way out is to believe in reincarnation.
    I mean no harm to the believers on reincarnation. Just answering.

  5. I’d ask you what’s the point of caring about what happened in your childhood before the age of 5 since it’s forgotten later on. But the childhood is forgotten only at the conscious level. Subconsciously it’s remembered. And the subconscious memories have a tremendous influence on the adult. The same applies to past lives. Whether or not you are aware of reincarnation, your past lives define who you are and have a tremendous influence on almost everything you do.
    The missing piece in the puzzle that is your question is the knowledge that you are the sum total of all your past lives, not just the person you identify as yourself in this life.


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