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What's the oddest spiritual belief you have, or have had?

I don’t believe in spirits however I believe in spiritual reincarnation. I believe in auras in the place of spirits though.


  1. I used to be Christian – so I believed in spirits, magic, and I believed nobody ever died (either went to heaven or hell).

  2. i once believed that when you were dead, you would continue to live but then without a body.”You” would be sitting on a kind of totem pole and expand your spiritual power until you could “connect” to other spirits sitting on other totem-poles. The spirits would start to cooperate and merged into one huge collective super spirit. there was no god involved.

  3. i thought god exited…i would go to church everyday sing and clap and never question what i was listening and reading
    i would always carry a bible and not be aware of all the evil it possesses and not even question the bible
    i was practically brained washed
    during Sunday school they would teach all the good stories but never mention the vindictive and violent acts of gawd

  4. I believe when we die we will be where we wish to be.
    I want to be able to travel through all periods of time and see how the earth and its contents developed.

  5. I used to believe that the Wicked Witch of the West lived in my closet and could manifest in the lid of our toilet bowl. This made going to the bathroom very frightening.

  6. We are all as one..Earth signs are the paintbrush for the fields,forests,mountains etc,water signs are the streams,rivers,oceaons,Fire signs paints the Sun ,sunsets,Volcanos and fires,and airsigns are the sky,clouds,rain and weather patterns….The Earth represents our bodies,Water,the blood and the urinary tract,the Sky is our mind and thoughts and the Fire is our energy,enthusiam and drive.
    The forests are being cut down which produce oxygen therefore breathing difficulties are becoming more prevalent,toxic waste is buried in the Earth therefore more cancers,dumping and pollution in the seas causing all types of kidney problems,leukaemia etc,and Sunspots too causing cancers of the skin.,and Airsigns which represent the mind causes depression and mental problems.

  7. That the Bible is to be interpreted literally except where the context (not people) dictates otherwise. It’s becoming increasingly more of an odd belief in this day and age. 🙂


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