What's the main difference between Taoism, Confuciancism, and Buddhism?





I need a basic and quick answer if it’s at all possible. Difference between belief systems…etc…


  1. Oversimplifying here, but:
    Taoism – Nature is the way to go, ideal state is to be spontaneous and relaxed in all occasions
    Confucianism – Not so much a religion as a system of ethics with a heavy emphasis on etiquette. Focused on maintaining social order.
    Buddhism – Prescribes certain practices to reduce the root causes of suffering, namely attachment and ignorance.

  2. Confucianism isn’t exactly a religion. It is the belief that the government should be in charge of all aspects of the people’s lives, and that people don’t know what’s good for them, only the ruler does
    Taoism is both a religion and a way to govern. Taoists believe in as little rules as possible, because they believe that rules restrict the soul. Taoists believe that people should live in harmony with nature, and spend their lives dedicated to it.
    There is more than one sect of Buddhism. One sect believes that Buddha is a god, and the other believes that the Buddha is simply an enlightened being, and anyone can reach that same stage by realizing that they are part of a universal soul, and that objects mean nothing.

  3. Tao: The great way of the universe. The Tao is a river flowing through all creation. The goal of the Taoist is to flow harmoniously down the river with the forces of Yin and Yang. The great Tao is unnamed and unknowable. The follower of the great Tao tries to become one in harmony with the ever unfolding universe and the great Brahman, or God, and to acquire good karma and thus avoid future rebirths.
    Confucianism: Confucianst was Agnostic. The religious elements of Confucianism change from country to country. A BuddhistConfucianismt is not the same as a HinduConfucianismt. Confucianism is a doctrine of social order and harmony. It is a way of putting every person in his or her proper placewithh a job to do for the harmonious development of society. It emphasizes education and responsibility of the intelligent to care for those less intelligent.
    Buddhist Philosophy, is also not necessarily a religion though it may be treated as such by some Buddhists. Buddhism is a way of freeing thesoult for the endless process of birth death and rebirth. It is a way to end all suffering through detachment. One could argue that having a religion is attachment. Being a buddhist is attachment. The buddhist seeks enlightenment, freedom from attachment, the end of the cycle of reincarnation for self and for all beings.

  4. the odd ball here is Confucianism tao was /is the surrender to nature to live as one with all things
    and is not concerned with man made rules or moralities it is free of sin
    buddhism is founded on the teachings of the buddha and contains the clear understanding of the path to an enlightened life by some one who took the path and reached enlightenment or the discovery of the true nature of human beings
    Confucius was not a spiritual man he was a great organiser and created rules and moralities to control mans true nature and control man to fit into society as society needed him to be
    buddha and tao are for truth and freedom
    Confucius is for control and society

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