Home Discussion Forum What's the fastest/easiest way to astral project before sleeping ?

What's the fastest/easiest way to astral project before sleeping ?

I want the fastest and easiest way before I sleep I wanna do it
and does it matter when I feel scary or something ?
because hearing voices and feeling the body shakes freaks me
Note : Please Don’t Answer Unless u believe in astral projection .


  1. There is no fastest way, or in fact, any way at all to astral project.
    If you’re hearing voices, you should contact a psychiatrist. If you’ve already got one, he needs to know about this.

  2. You people are jurks. Honey you have to just let it happen. Surround yourself in white light and ask for protection befor you begin. The voices are usualy for guides and the vibrations are normal. Once you get past the inital fear try to listen to what there saying. Don’t strain yourself because it won’t work. You must be relaxed. The best of luck to you and be safe.

    • i agree ive been doing it for years, ive met holy beings and ive went on the highest fastest rollercoaster through the dimensions, ive done the most amazing things i could ever think of and i rerember the feeling like i really did it


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