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Whats the easiest way you've found to go to your desired place while in the astral plane?

Do you just think of a place, or do you go as if you were walking in your earthly body?


  1. I actually go there. I don’t remember how, but when I get there, there are two other aspects of myself there as well. The place I go is an actual geographical location, and I can go there any time I want in my mind. It was bizzar to me that there should be not one, but two other, aspects of myself there too. But then I learned that I have a Gemini rising, and this could be why. When I am there, I have experienced all three aspects, individually, at the same time. I think that is why I have a certain place I go to, to hook up with more of myself, pull myself together, so to speak, because I don’t go there to be alone.

  2. Whenever I have the slightest hint of needing to access my place during conscious thought, I envision an advance reservation request and when I am ready, it’s easily available.


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