whats the easiest way to have sex dreams with lucid dreaming?

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I know to have sex dreams by doing lucid dreaming which i tried and failed for 2 weeks now. Whats a easier way or techniques to have sex dreams?

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watch porn before you go to sleep.
think about sex before you go to sleep
touch yourself before you go to sleep but dont cum


Eat, drink, think sex


sorry, i dont like to answer questions with questions but what is lucid dreaming?


Just don’t stop thinking about it. EVER.


Set some kind of alarm that will beep just once every 10 or 15 mins and keep you slightly awake. You will have better results if you’ve already slept a full 8 hrs and force yourself to stay in bed anyways. You will be able to control everything and remember it.

Don J

The answers to this should be interesting. I hope no one is offended by my answer. I’d avoid porn or even any visual stimulus at all before going to bed. Use your imagination and masturbate before going to sleep but don’t climax if you can avoid it. Your waking conscious thoughts can extend into your sleeping/dreaming consciousness sometimes. At least I’ve noticed that can happen. Good luck.


here are a couple of tricks that this old native said in a weird conversation with my mom.( don’t ask):
1. cut a grapefruit in half,and sprinkle the top with some honey. this is to symbolize the sweetness in your dreams.
2.get a 1/4 cup of oregano, 1/4 cup of nutmeg and paprika, and finally 1/2 cup of cumin and mix it together. then take a couple drops of vanilla extract and put in the mix. what you do is draw a bath and sprinkle the mix as if it were bath salt. the water must be HOT. gently rub it on you for 45 minutes before getting out. he said it mixes the hot with the sweet and amplifies your senses for luscious dreams.
3. this is an old trick he learned from Japan. grab a sheet of seaweed and wrap it around your penis. don’t wrap it too tight but wrap it snug. you’ll not only sleep well, but it turns out it dramatically increases the sexual vibes you give off, making you incredibly aroused.
trust me. i’m not lying, this stuff actually works. if it does not work, it means you did not do it right. i told my bf to do it, and hes been very kinky lately. i wonder where he got it…


think sex Sex sEx SEx seX think sex in all forms


Check the site below daily and you will have what you need


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