Home Discussion Forum What's the different between consciousness, enlightened, awakened, devined & superstitous?

What's the different between consciousness, enlightened, awakened, devined & superstitous?


  1. the reactions we have our-self while having to encounter with different ideas,at different happenings.the actual differences makes the difference.

  2. All depends on ones perspective towards each I suppose.
    Or did you actually mean what do they mean?
    Consciousness is the tool most people have that offers them the basis for their intentions, thoughts and creations. Personally I believe, of all the things mentioned here to be the only one with true power.
    Enlightenment is personal, and can only be obtained through looking into themselves. Also on a personal note, I believe this the only tool you can hone on your own at your own speed that actually helps you see the rest of the world in a more true light.
    Awakened I feel is also personal. After walking through someone else’s perceptions and intentions, one can suddenly realize they have not been living in their own, and wake up. From there it is impossible to put your rose coloured glasses back on and sleep in the cold world of someone else’s creation of you.
    Divined is a word I don’t know. I know divine and divination.
    To forcast through or as if through the art of divination. Using a focus in some cases, or none at all to allow your mind to reach out of your confines to hear or see answers.
    Superstitious is when your convinced that performing or not performing specific actions brings good or bad luck, that some events or phenomena are omens, and, generally, fearfully believing in a supernatural dimension to event.

  3. 1. the state of being aware, self aware, aware of others, aware of the state of the world you are in, (rain, sunshine, nuclear blast, just normal daily things)
    2. to be educated in a subject or knowledge base, either through formal, self or revelation of some kind.
    3. awakened (in context to the above) to become aware of some truth or condition, but not of necessity to respond to the new awareness
    4. by spelling first to remove vines from any object, tree, structure, or ground where it is located
    4a. to come to posses knowledge through special revelation, from either the LORD (not allah) or satan. It does not imply you have the maturity to deal with the body of knowledge that you are given, nor does it imply that it will be used properly.
    5. to have a belief in a system of do’s and don’ts that protect and preserve your status while tip toeing (if you will) through a demon controlled environment. It can be a valid fear or it can be an intellectually invalid fear.

  4. Well there are different states of awareness in all the above that you mentioned………….
    I think the Divine is from God
    and enlightened is also from God
    consciousness is man…………….
    awakened is man as well …………………
    They are all similar in the sense that they are awake aware and from a higher power that we will or intend into our life :)))
    Superstitious is different because it can be proven false and many people consciously choose not to believe in things that happen to them in life :)))

  5. consciousness is the ability to be aware and/or act
    enlightened is to be in experiential knowledge of
    awakened is to be in a self directed state towards the environment you are in
    devined is a word I dont know but divined if thats what you mean is is something that is found, discovered or figured out
    superstitious (also differently spelled) technically indicates pushed or swayed or otherwise forced
    the word is more commonly used to indicate influenced by misinformation which makes it a judgment more then just the adverb

  6. This has to be discussed face to face…a debate between u and me…not a cut and paste..or search engines. I could find answers for u there, but this question is too intelligent to be a ”cut and paste” theory…the difference..is plenty, lemme talk to u about it when we chat…ok ??? good luck..a beautiful question indeed…!!

  7. as everything is composed of , only a series of vibrating frequencies, we can all be in tune with whatever it is above us.By prayer or meditation we are all singing the same tune.


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