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whats the difference?

Whats the difference between past life therapy and past life regression? does anyone know?
sharon 🙂


  1. PLT as we refer to it in the field consists of reassessing one’s own chakra, and growing from what is called an experience through the mind’s eye. Once a person reconnects with the animalistic instinct of primal aggression, then, and only then, can he or she realize true happiness. Past life regression happens when you become stuck in the vaccum cleaner hose after a wild night with Rosita the maid.

  2. In past life regression, you travel back in time to experience the past life. Often done through hynpotism.
    In past life therapy, you work on healing parts of you that may have been affected by happenings in your past life.
    The first helps you to find out what happened. The second does something about it for your higher good.

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