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What's the difference in seeing something by remote viewing or telepathy or seeing it by astral traveling?

I was awake while things happened to me. (Awake as in walking around or sitting in a chair.)Is this how it is…if you’re asleep ..it’s seen through astral travel.If you’re awake it’s seen by telepathy or remote viewing. Telepathy & remote viewing seem the same. I’m confused about this.
intel..I was thinking of arjie626 question. Some said it was astral travel,some said telepathy,some said remote viewing. They all seem so much the same.Read his question then see if you can tell me the difference. Thanks.


  1. I am not to sure what your saying, but I will explain what I know.
    Telepathy is feeling someones thoughts, or your spirit speaking back. Perhaps that can come in vision too. I do have vision in my head- usually something that’s about to happen… I see it happen before it does while awake.
    Astral travel I believe can happen three ways, travel to the past, present, and future.
    My spirit guide would give me memory in dream form of some other pass life times….or did I travel in the past….it can get confusing…..But I feel strongly about the differences, on what’s what.

  2. Well, telepathy is hearing someone’s thoughts…I think what you mean though is seeing something through clairvoyance (sight). The difference between remote viewing and clairvoyance… on a living person, nothing. It looks exactly the same and is in a sense, because I see them in exactly the same way.
    Astral travel…I have no idea what this looks lie. I do this when I’m asleep and I’m really really deep in it when it happens, so I’m never aware when it does. Occassionally my guides will show me where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing with a dream.

  3. Ive never really looked into remote viewing, but im getting the idea remote viewing is more of a trained method, in training people to spy..( still has to be done astrally) …..
    Astral travelling is more of a natural spiritual experience, which you can still go spy on people, who are alive on this earth….and interact with the spirit realm……
    Telepathy, is when we communicate via our thoughts whether with the living or the dead…Also in us picking up on others thoughts…..Telepathy happens naturally when you are in astral…..
    Also people can astral while awake, not only when they are asleep……

  4. some one mentioned clairvoyance and remote viewing is the same thing? did I read that right?
    It is not the same thing. Remote viewing is in the NOW
    Clairvoyance is more of the past, retro-cognizance or present, pre-cognizance.
    Telepathy has already been answered.
    Astral travel as I understand it is the spirit removing itself from the physical body and traveling. Like the stories when people almost die, well they do die, leave their body and can see them selves as they ‘float at the ceiling’.
    If you are ‘seeing’ things, while awake, I’d call it clairvoyance on a general level.


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