What's the difference between the Hindu concept of Reincarnation, and the Buddhist concept of Rebirth?







  1. They are the same thing- Buddhism evolved from Hinduism, the same way Christianity evolved from Judiasm.
    The only difference is that Hindus believe reincarnation is a natural process that continues constantly, while Buddhists see it as a spiritual learning process, and our goal is to get off the cycle of rebirth and become one with the universe.

  2. According to the Buddhist concept, rebirth can only occur in another human, animal or a higher (superhuman) life form.
    The Hindu concept also includes plants, and inanimate objects.

  3. Read John 3. “Born again” is an initiation for each to do “these and greater things” such as miracles that Jesus was doing. These are esoteric teachings. This seems to be the only reference to the intiiation in the NT.

  4. Reincarnation implies that the person remains essentially the same while occupying a new body, whereas Rebirth implies that something has changed and you are not essentially the same as before. This change, as we Buddhists perceive it, is either positive or negative depending upon the karma you have accumulated and the actions you have taken to purify your negative karma and/or increase your positive karma. Reincarnation is also fatalistic, by which I mean that it is never-ending. Buddhists on the other hand believe that the cycle of Rebirth can be broken by Enlightenment (or Awakening), which results in Nirvana — the destruction of cyclic existence. A Buddha is simply one who is Awake.

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