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what's the difference between tarot and ouija boards?

what are the difference they both answer the same questions. They both are a tool and if used in a good way it can help it depends on the person who does it. So why are the shot down by everyone everything has a chance why not give this subject or category one.


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    They are both ridiculous, that’s why. There has never been a single person who has proven that they can use these items in the divination of human events. Never. Twenty years ago James Randi offered one million dollars to any psychic or medium (or anyone making an extraordinary claim) to prove their claim under scrutiny with cameras present. No one has ever taken him up on it. Years ago Sylvia Browne said she would, but then in the meantime was arrested, along with her husband for fraud (imagine that) and convicted. When she was free again, James Randi still offered her the chance, but she refused.
    I find ouija boards in particular to be silly. If you can buy it in Toys R Us between the CandyLand and Monopoly games and it has “Hasbro” stamped on the bottom, it is not a tool for communication with spirits (mostly because there are no spirits).
    There is a great, really short (only two minutes) youtube video that basically sums up my position on anything paranormal or “psychic”

  2. One is a deck of cards, and one is a game board produced by a big game company. They are not tools. They are games. The people who shoot it down have had experiences that have made it clear that both things are ‘fakes” as far as telling the future. Experience counts for a great deal.

  3. Why didn’t you ask the Tarot and the Ouija Board this question and find out. If they’re so smart, surely THEY could answer it.

  4. Ah, the internet. You get all sorts here.
    What the Tarot and Ouija have in common is that they are both methods of attempting to obtain spiritual guidance. There are several fundamental differences between them, however – what they are, how they function and how they communicate their messages.
    Let’s start with the obvious differences: the Tarot are a series of illustrated and numbered cards, while the Ouija is a board inscribed with numbers, letters and words that comes with an object to slide across the board. This ties into the next difference: what makes them work (or not).
    In the case of Ouija, the force that moves the slider across the board comes from the people playing it. I haven’t tried it much myself, but to my knowledge the only way you would get an answer from a Ouija board that wasn’t at all influenced by the people touching the slider would be if those people were all spiritual practitioners or in a meditative trance or something of the sort. In short, from what I know of the Ouija it isn’t an accurate method of divination because the answers are influenced by the people using it, rather than some external force.
    The Tarot, on the other hand, are not influenced at all by the tarot reader or the person being read to. The cards are turned upside down and shuffled at random, and are dealt out at random, and are only flipped over and revealed after they are all in place. Once this has been done, the cards cannot be moved or the reading altered.
    What gives Tarot its effectiveness and significance is the fact that the only thing that determines what cards appear where is randomness and sheer coincidence. Tarot plays off of Jung’s theory of synchronicity, otherwise know as meaningful coincidence. Basically, the fact that the only thing that determines which cards appear in what positions in any part of a spread, pretty much sheer chance, means that what certain cards do appear are meaningful, and the position they have been placed in is also meaningful – the fact they appeared there by coincidence shows their importance.
    The other difference partly ties into the obvious differences between the two that I stated earlier – that the Tarot uses illustrated cards, while the Ouija uses an inscribed board. The results for the Ouija can only come as yes or no, words or numbers, and the answers they give are obvious and easy to understand, but lack depth and symbolic importance.
    The Tarot, on the other hand, uses images to convey its messages – and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The answers that the tarot gives are less clear than those given by the Ouija, because images can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. This is why there are so many different meanings attributed to the cards – no two people agree completely on what card means what. However, this gives the tarot a personal touch because it is ultimately you who decides what the cards mean, and it also gives them an air of mystery. Half the fun of learning the tarot is figuring out what you personally think about the cards.
    And why are they shot down by people? Because they are often misrepresented in the mass media and are misunderstood by people. Sadly, you can’t persuade everyone on these sorts of things, since there are plenty of people who don’t want to learn about them, who fear them or just want to hate on them because they like hating. All that matters to me, personally is that I believe strongly that the Tarot, at least, works and is effective for me, and that’s all that matters.

  5. Ouija or spirit boards are believed to be a direct link to both the human subconscious and the astral world.
    Tarot cards on the other hand are more like flash cards for self reflection.

  6. There is an amazing amount of ignorance. In this day and age to believe that spirits don’t exist? So we don’t have any spiritual component, we’re 100% physical? Yeah, right.

  7. i use a ouija board now and then. one time, i got some one named “dan”. the next time i used it, when i asked, is “any body there”?, the plancbette spelt out “dan”. it didn’t point to “yes”.
    as to whether i really got some one named “dan” (if that’s really his name), or whether it’s just the subconscious playing games with you… who knows? may be some times it’s spirits, other times your own mind.
    i want to believe…….


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