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What's the difference between rest and meditation?

When i try to meditate i’m just daydreaming or resting.
(I googled this and was amazed that no one has ever asked this before).


  1. rest is when you just don’t use energy. Meditation is when you try to focus your mind on either a single thing, or nothing. The point of meditation is to train yourself not to be distracted or manipulated by unwanted thoughts.

  2. resting, there is no concentration…meditation you are concentrating on becoming relaxed,and are breathing certain ways, as in resting you are doing nothing except sleeping lightly.

  3. Meditation carries with it a component of inner reflection whereas simply daydreaming or resting is more of a free form internal activity.
    It’s kind of like the difference between dancing and just flailing your arms about wildly.

  4. Mediation is relaxing you mind. focusing on some thing that you feel happy about. thinking all the happy thoughts and relaxing is just stting in front of tv

  5. Meditation is a relaxation period to relieve stress and clear your mind. Resting is when you are not trying to clear your mind and letting yourself daydream or letting your mind wander. If you really want to meditate, I suggest getting information or books on meditation, use candles while meditating, and talk to a religious person before trying to really meditate.

  6. Meditation is the active process of turning inward and focusing on bringing the mind and body to the same place. The body always exists in the now, however the mind rarely is occupied with what is currently happening, often preoccupied with the future or the past.
    Most meditation practices focus on breathing or other physical aspects to focus the mind on what is happening now and this requires great focus and concentration.
    There are also many different kinds of meditation including walking meditation which has obvious differences with resting.
    Resting, on the other hand is a passive activity aimed at recovering the body from physical and mental excursion. Equally critical however a very different endeavor from meditation.

  7. The difference between resting and meditation is not that complex.
    When you rest you are simply relaxing but not resting your mind.
    When you meditate, you train your mind to focus on nothing but your breathing therefore, blocking all the thoughts and worries in your head. When you do this you have a brief moment of serenity and harmony. The point of meditation is to escape from all the stress and thoughts and worries that pollute mind, and try to basiclly zone out and not stress yourself over anything for a however long your meditation time is.
    So I guess in a sense meditation is the resting of your mind and not body. It’s benefits are that of what your body receives when you rest. You regain patience and free yourself of stress from your everyday situations.

  8. To me, meditation requires actively thinking on a certain subject, not merely allowing my mind to wander. It’s when I ponder, not wander!

    • focusing for a puropse or euphoric response is meditation to me not just wandering rest or simple deep breaths, sometimes looking for an answer or a qui or energy response is more meditation like not just a rest phase and can offset people who are spiritually consious about religious ways and can cause them to think they are doing karate instead of resting and taking care of their basic health needs in a more simple way without obligations also exercise related do simple full body stretching and some kind of sensible workout or just walk more and breathe with a simple pattern that agrees with you..easy


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