What's the difference between remote viewing and telepathy?





What’s the difference between remote viewing and telepathy?
For quite some time now I have been experiencing telepathy in a very small fraction. For example I won’t be able to know what someone is thinking but if someone was thinking of a particular object, shape, number or colour I would be able to see it.
In telepathy when I am ‘catching’ thoughts from people who transmitted them my eyes automatically look up directly proportional to halfway in between my forehead. I did some little researching about this and that midway spot in our forehead is meant to be where the third eye is.
Anyway when I’m receiving or catching the thoughts I would also see an extremely bright light as well as the information being transmitted.
Lately I have been practising my remote viewing skills and what intrigues me is that when I go into my ‘thing’ (relaxing and clearing my mind) I am often told to try to black out my mind in order to see hidden objects. The images are not as clear as in telepathy and I don’t see a bright light at the start either. First it’s black and empty in my mind and then just a very quick flash of the image of the object which was hidden.
The other day I was practising ‘remote viewing’ with a friend, I got him to draw a shape. He asked me a shape?? (sarcastically) and I said yes! ANY SHAPE! after I said that I thought of a triangle.
While he was drawing his shape I got up and went upstairs, and all 10 minutes long I had this ‘triangle shaped’ thing stuck in my head. I was being my own critic and thought that it’s just my imagination. I cleared my head again. Then I saw a triangle or cone shape pointing upwards and the rest I couldn’t see but they had points. I was in the toilet thinking it couldn’t be a circle or anything round or curvy.
Went back and started drawing my own guess of what he had drawn. I drew a triangle like a roof but that was all there was something at the bottom that isn’t a triangle but it’s definitely not curvy. He showed me his shape and it was a Pentagon!
Next was I got him to draw a shape again. This time I couldn’t see anything at all. It was bad. After a few long minutes I looked at him while he was staring at me. While we were staring at eachother I could swear I saw a shape of a square like glowing fluorescent flying towards me from him. Mind you this was not ‘remote viewing’. I had my eyes wide open and it was the similar experience with telepathy because EVERYTHING was always usually BRIGHT and GLOWY.
I said to him I didn’t see anything but I saw from your face a Square. And as usual he was shocked and amazed.
It’s weird because I do not know which category Remote viewing belongs to? What do we use to do Remote Viewing? If we are using our third eye like we do with Telepathy then why are the images in remote viewing blurry and not glowing with brightness compared to telepathy??
* And just in addition, Please focus on my question here and not on the accounts i have experienced. I know there’s alot out there who love to boast on how good they are at explaining how or why ESP or remote viewing doesn’t exist. Which makes me wonder why you even bother to post with ‘james randi’ or ‘I am so smart and egotistical’ comments. And just because I have esp that doesn’t mean I can be 100% accurate at it. Like any talent or ability it takes practise. Why don’t you hypocritics drive in one perfectly straight line and I can measure your performance at every angle and speed. See if that makes you nervous.?


  1. I think perhaps, you may have been misinformed about what remote viewing is and how to do it. There is a set protocol that when utilized will give very fine results. However, it is work to learn and takes practice like anything else of value.
    People too often want to take shortcuts. Not many of us can and still get it right. Please go to http://www.irva.org to get the real story and information on how and who with to practice. This is a science. The US government has been involved for the past 30 years. If it were a hoax, then they would have given up long ago. also, check out Dr. Harold Puthoff and Targ with Stanford Research Institute Remote viewing. Also, one of the government programs “stargate”.
    as to those “brilliant” people who say they are just “chicken scratches” show me “your” experiences and i will show you mine! This is not an ego trip. Please understand that some of us are on a truth seeking adventure to learn all about ourselves and the realm of sub conscious and conscious. Philosophy never ever truly defined those areas.
    And, again. Ingo Swann’s book “Reality Boxes” helps one to understand the history and the struggles of those of us who really want to understand our full capabilities.

  2. Wow…I will tell you right now that both of these phenomena are real. Your telepathy is much stronger and that is what you should be concentrating and working on. Remote viewing is more related to astral projection or out-of-body eperiences. Your mind/spirit actually travels to see the object that you are looking for. They have used this in the military for years. Look up “Project sunstreak” on google and they will give you a ton of info on how it was used.
    Good luck.

  3. One of them (remote viewing), is the subject of much more Internet boasting. It would be the easiest of all the telepathic powers to demonstrate and use productively. The only conclusion one can reach. The boasters are full of donkey dust.

  4. In general, the process of remote viewing and telepathy has not been conclusively proven to exist at all. Because of this, nobody can really tell you what the mechanisms that allow it, or how a person does it. All they can do is make guesses. However, here is the thought on what might be happening, assuming that telepathy and remote viewing turn out to be real.
    Remote viewing is a process of seeing things that are out of site, even miles away. There are legends of ninja practicing this in fuedal Japan. Believers think the mind if able to project itself outside the body to great distances and observe. Because you are not using your physical eyes, the images are subject to be hazy.
    Telepathy is connecting directly with someone elses mind. The thought is some signal or brain waves or something that the others mind is emitting is being picked up by someone elses brain and the thought can then be reversed from waves or signals back into images.

  5. people are unlikely (unless they are not gullible) to draw anything with more than five sides, so you had a one in 3 chance of guessing, no matter what silly hallucinations you had beforehand.
    having mention it was a triangle with someting… and his answer being a pentagon, the next easiest shape that hadn’t been mentioned was a square.
    so, you guessed one out of two with a one in three chance of guessing, bravo, you’re not telepathic, you cannot remote view.
    On another note if you can give me better odds than half the time, say 100% of the time, I’ll consider what you say

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