• Rebirth can refer to a psychological technique of re-experiencing one’s birth or to a awakening of the spiritual life as in “rebirth in the Holy Spirit.”

    Reincarnation is the soul’s return to a new physical lifetime being born as an infant.

  • The difference is Hinduism teaches that you have a soul, and when you die and you still have karma you are reincarnated into whatever caste is appropriate. In Buddhism, you do not have a soul, you are one with the Universal Self, and so there is no soul to be reincarnated. The chain of events that is your life is not broken at death but death is just another link in that chain and you are reborn, yet another link in the chain, until you can break the cycle of moksha (rebirth) realizing your true nature of non-duality and enter into the state of Nirvana.

  • There is a lot of confusion surrounding the concepts of Reincarnation and Rebirth. At first glance it seems like they are synonyms, but there is a big difference between these two concepts.

    The doctrine of reincarnation, also referred to as transmigration, is taught by Hinduism, Jainism and Gnostic Christianity. It’s main postulate is that there is an indestructible, eternal, personal element that travels from one life to the next. This element is called atman in the Hindu religion, jiva in the Jain faith and soul by Gnostic Christianity. Reincarnation assumes identity between the occupant of this body and, when this body dies, the occupant of the following body.

    In contrast, Buddhism teaches the doctrine of rebirth. Between a series of lifetimes there is a relationship of causality, not of identity. To make this more clear, let’s use the example of the falling dominos. If I place a series of dominos standing up in line next to each other, and I strike the first one to make it fall down, this causes the second one to fall down, and the next, until the last in line falls down. The fall of the first domino is the cause of the fall of the last one, but there is not a shared identity between the first and the last domino.

    When somebody dies, rebirth is caused by the continuation of the mental processes of the dead person in a new body. The new person however is not identical to the one that left the previous body (a lot of causes and conditions come into play to shape this new being), nor a completely different person (because of causality relation).


  • Jesus, calm down. I’ll tell you. Reincarnation is when you die, your soul is reborn into another body. Rebirth can mean the same thing as reincarnation. Rebirth is usually associated with a spiritual rebirth, however. Meaning you were one way, and then through spirituality or religion you have been reborn into a new person.

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