Whats the difference between Qi (chii) and Chakra and how can i find my Qi / Chakra?

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there's an app for that

qi is life energy. its all over the place. you are made up of it. its all within you and without you. chakras are areas of the body where a lot of this energy tends to be stored.
like for example the palms of your hands, or theres one right below your navel, or theres on your forehead called the third eye. also the balls of your feet, your heart, your throat, your crown chakra… and the pelvic chakra


Chi (Qi) is the life force energy that is in all creatures and even non-living things. A Chakra is a point on the human body that one of 7 where the Chi flows the strongest. You don’t ‘find’ your chakras, they are already there. You can learn Chakra meditations that will help you learn to control your chakras and to open or close them as needed. There are many websites and books out there to guide you on your journey.

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The question was successfully answered by “theres an app for that”.
But in terms of accessing it, i found mine without going through this reiki stuff and places to learn it.
Pretty much:
Meditation – Can’t listen to your body when you are preoccupied with other matters. Key point here.
While meditating, try and focus energy into a palm of your hand using your imagination fixating at creating a ball of energy is if it was there. Then you should be able to feel something in your palm. Thats chii. As soon as you can do that, accessing other chakra points is easy.
Just remember, you need to train the body (simple as exercising every day) as well as the mind.


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