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What's the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

What’s the difference between Pilate’s and Yoga? I practice Pilate’s one in a while when I am stressed or when my body is in pain :/. Yoga seems to be similar but what’s the difference.
Also which one is your favorite and are any good DVDs you would recommend to do at home?


  1. Pilates is more of a series of little exercises to tone muscles. I have not tried yoga. I bought the Windsor Pilates power sculpt and abs. It is good. I always thought
    yoga was more stretching and endurance. I would like to know about yoga also.

  2. Pilates focuses on core strength; making the core body muscles (such as the psoas) stronger. it is more “exercise-like” than yoga with repetitions. There is usually not a strong mediative component. Pilates will get you in shape and make you strong in a good way – not the surface way like aerobics.
    Yoga is more about body awareness. It has a meditative component and is much much older. Yoga will change your life and who you are permanently for the better.
    I recommend dunya (dianne mcpherson) yoga DVDs.
    you can buy three of her yoga DVDS at http://www.dancemeditation.org
    she is my teacher and it changed my life for the better.

  3. pilates is to loosen muscles and tone them…yoga is used as a stress relief…football players do pilates in the offseason to stay loose


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