Home Discussion Forum What's the difference between our consciousness and the universe?

What's the difference between our consciousness and the universe?


  1. our consciousness is a “manifestation” of our brain.
    the universe is pretty obvious, I think we all know the definition

  2. our consciousness is the thing that percieves the universe. the universe does not really exist; we just say it does to make our selves happier and less confused. but it doesn’t make a difference; knowing that nothing exists until we define it doesn’t help us. to function in the world we have defined, we must accept those definitions to not necessarily be true, but to be useful in a society where there rules are already there. and even though we made them up based upon what we made up, the definitions or rules have been working. so we keep them.
    i guess what i’m saying is that our consciousness is what defines the world to us, and the universe is one of the things our consciousness defined.

  3. Our consciousness is the product of an intricate web of neurons. The universe is a large, cold expanse that exhibits no signs of having what we think of as personal consciousness.

  4. In one of Alan Watt’s books he stated that the universe could be described as a state of the nervous system and at the same time the nervous system could be described as a state of the universe. How could you know with any certainty which pole of the universe/nervous system polarized field anything got its start. When my nervous system looks at someone else’s then I see that the universe has the consciousness of its existence in multiple states within many different nervous systems. Another question which arises is how could any of us ever come to the conclusion that our own nervous system has the correct perception of the universe.
    Since I have had the perceptual experience that my metaphysical soul is being “entertained” by my neurologically generated consciousness and the environment by which it is stimulated, I end up with the feeling that everything which is physical is all transient, although it all has its purpose within the unfolding cosmic drama of life.

  5. While we are all embedded in the non-material field of reality at the quantum level, individual consciousness evolves over many lifetimes of experience in a way similar to biological systems evolving over time. And reality is responsive to consciousness individually and en masse in that it appears to holographically mirror the contents of individual consciousness at the level of conditioned subconscious beliefs.

  6. It’s the SOUND of one hand CLAPPING again…….. that zen riddle explains the paradox.
    If I am conscious of “OTHER” is there really an independent “I” or an independent OTHER or is the OBSERVER the same as what is being OBSERVED. In other words. The TWO hands that are CLAPPING are the Observer and the Observed therefore…………. I am the UNIVERSE the observer and the observed are ONE neither can exist independent of the other they MIRROR one another they Imply one another….. the same way UP implies DOWN or “IN”implies “OUT” they are simply two sides of the same coin.


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