What's the difference between new age Kabbalah and traditional Kabbalah?

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What is the main difference between them?

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La Sirenne


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The size of the bill

John F

New age Kabbalah treats it like a kind of mystic buffet, where you can take pieces of the whole and try to apply them to improve your life in a way that almost seems magical.
Traditional Kabbalah is difficult, requires study, and would be way beyond the ability of someone like Madonna to practice.


There is only Authentic Kabbalah! Everything else just uses the name in order to confuse, manipulate, distract, or make money off of people who just don’t know any better.
However Authentic Kabbalah, is a method for attaining the purpose of our lives, to acquiring the quality of bestowal, which is the general law that operates Nature. If you want to know more check out this free, interactive, live, online course: http://bit.ly/atbzse


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