What's the difference between "meditation" and "concentration"?

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Every time I ask someone to explain meditation to me, their answer ends up sounding like the definition of “concentration”, except you close your eyes.

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Pi is Knowledge

Meditation is a type of concentration? I’m not too sure about how to be more specific, since I know little about the definition of ‘meditation’ either…
Why don’t you just look up the term in a dictionary or something?


When you meditate, you allow your mind to roam freely. When concentrating, you’re totally focused on the task at hand.

sally spoonfull of sugar

i think it may be the apposite
when you meditate you become all calm and awake of ur surroundings
concentration would ruin it


i think its a case of internal vs external. meditate to look into yourself, concentrate to look intently at something outside yourself…


They are both similar, yet very bi-polar opposites.
Meditation typically has the goal is to achieve “stillness or quietness of mind”
Concentration is the opposite, focusing of attention to one single thought or topic.
Often they are used interchangeably. How often have you hears someone say “Let me meditate on that topic.” In fact they are concentrating on that topic. So, it gets used quite interchangeably in regular speech.


Meditation is probably the opposite of concentration. It’s a state of complete awareness, a state without thoughts or concentration on any one thing. it’s the abolition of concentration. You can meditate eyes closed or open, but the intent is to break free of worldy bonds and thoughts. you simply do not think.


Meditation is when you close your eyes & focus hard on clearing your mind completely, like when you’re trying to relax so you can get to sleep.
Concentration is when you close your eyes & focus hard on one thing, like when you’re trying to figure out the solution to a math problem while doing homework.


Meditation is the total relaxation of the mental state,,to allow the purging of ALL thoughts ,and the cleansing of the corridors of the mind as to refresh and start anew..To attempt to become one with oneself,,for the purpose of total relaxation.. Concentration ,,is the definite mind focus on a subject or task totally,, with the purpose of committing oneself to a positive conclusion.. Total attention !! Both consist of reaching a goal.. However Meditation is for the body ,,and concentration is for an explanation,,which the mind renders.. Distinct differences !! SOLOMON


Traditionally, in Buddhism and Hinduism, there are two main types of meditation techniques. One focusses on improving our concentration, but the second one is at least as important; that is the development of wisdom/insight/understanding. Only the two combined make really sense for spiritual progress.
Without concentration, our mind is like an untamed and uncontrolled horse. Without wisdom, our mind could even be tamed, but we wouldn’t know where to go…. 🙂


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