Home Discussion Forum What's the difference between man made, lab created and natural amethyst?

What's the difference between man made, lab created and natural amethyst?

is there a way to tell if an amethyst is not natural?


  1. A qualified gemologist with the proper equipment can tell
    an obvious fake esp if the end product is smooth where natural stone is rough. by smooth i mean all the molecules are regular where in natural stone the crystals that form gems tend to have many irregularities and flaws. there are other tests like the refraction of light index etc.
    but in the 1990’s a russian invented a method
    of producing amethyst that resembled the rough stone
    the cost of testing the amethyst to see if its real or not is
    Very cost prohibitive , its just not worth it for a semi precious stone. so many dealers don’t bother
    and so a lot of the fake is mixed in

  2. Lab created or man made gems are the same chemical compound as a natural, the only difference is that they are “pure”. They have no “seen” flaws. The price is alot higher as well. But energetically they are the same.

  3. An artificial amethyst may not be an amethyst at all! It may be a piece of clear quartz that has been dyed.
    They can be heat treated or irradiated. Dyed or coated ones could be clear quartz.
    The setting can tell you alot. It should be in at least 9 k to 14K gold, with a claw setting, then it would be a real amethyst.
    It helps to check a few pieces of jewelery side by side. For quality it should be clear, without alot of flaws.
    Rose de France amethyst is a pink lavender. But it is not the most sought after. It is rare.
    Siberian is the most prized. It also comes from Uriguay and Zambia.
    Oriental is a term that is discouraged. Cause it could be a blend of other stones.
    Wikipedia was a better source for just the rocks, themselves. Above, listed, are all jewelers terms and may not have been what you are looking for.
    Wiki also has alot about where all the sources, some local right in the United States, would be located.


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