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What's the difference between magic and magick?

I always see references to magick with a “k” and I’ve been told there is a distinction, but no one has ever been able to tell me what.


  1. Magick is reality whereas magic can refer to those tricks done by performing magicians where everyone knows it is really a trick.

  2. Magic is what happens on a stage, like david copperfield and such, and Magick is the sacred use of one’s personal energies.

  3. Besides the k, I am not sure, though I think references to magick are usually based upon older lore and myths, and the designation is used ot either separate it from parlor tricks and stage magic, or to make the person who is writing it sound more impressive (to themselves, I suppose).

  4. Magic is what a “Stage Magician” does, entertainment, “Magick” was a term coined by Aleister Crowley to indicate the Hi-Arts…like the Kabala.

  5. This is the difference:
    Magick-An action or effort undertaken because of a personal need to effect change, especially as associated with Wicca or Wiccan beliefs.
    Magick is a more specific word. The word magic can be used as like magic in Entertainment (ex. i went to see a magic show), or it could be used as many different things.
    That is the understanding i got out of the two different spellings.

  6. The “k” was introduced to distinguish a difference between the magic that’s done on stage and the magick one creates with their personal energies.

  7. Magic is the art of slide of hand. Magick is the art of minipulating energies unknown to create a desired result.

  8. The K was added by no other than Crowley… to distinguish between witchcraft/magick and the slight of hand you see David Copperfield doing.

  9. I have always considered “magick” to be be spells and cures and the like. I have always considered “magic” to be Houdini sh!t. Simple as that. Best wishes


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