What's the difference between lucid dreaming & astral projection?

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Lucid dreaming is controlling your dreams.
Astral projection is your soul leaving your body.

some person

Both take place in the astral plane, however lucid dreams are a completely subjective creation & are subject to lower vibrational frequencies, meaning usually less lucidity, control, power etc. While astral projection operates in higher frequencies, and is a co-creation of many beings, and unlike dreams, they will not cease to exist when you’re absent.
LDs are safer & easier. AP is more difficult to achieve & there are consequences for your actions/thoughts/feelings.

Dr.Nice Guy

One is real and the other is not.

Chuckles the IPU

One is a dream where you know you are dreaming (Lucid)
The other is a dream where you don’t know you are dreaming and you think you travel the astral plane


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