Home Discussion Forum whats the difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection.?

whats the difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection.?

Are they the same or 2 different experiences.


  1. If you do believe in astral projection, the difference would be that a lucid dream only takes place in “Dreamland” whilst an astral excursion would take place in the real world.
    Astral projection is also said to involve the spirit, while lucid dreaming involves parts of the brain.
    Personally, I think astral projection is bunk, but there you go.

  2. From my personal experiences: lucid dreaming is knowing you are in a dream and astral projection is leaving your body while being partly awake.

  3. Lucid dreaming and astral projection are two different practices, although they are similar in nature. It is debatable if an actual second body exists within a lucid dream; I practice lucid dreaming and I personally do not believe there is one. Astral projection is the belief in an astral body and the practice of projecting it into the astral plane, or the real world; depends on the person. There is also no scientific evidence or study on astral projection as there is on lucid dreaming.

  4. Lucid dreaming is when you’re conscious of being unconscious.
    Astral projection is, ostensibly, an out-of-body-experience wherein one’s spirit goes out and about into the world while the body stays home.

  5. I feel sorry for the ones that haven’t experienced true astral
    Projection. Someday you will be enlightened, you’re just not
    ready for that yet .


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