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Whats the difference between lucid dreaming and astral project?


  1. Lucid dreaming is when you are aware of a dream while your in it and can control it.
    Astral Projection is when you leave your body and go somewhere else (above it, down the street etc…).

  2. Lucid dreaming is controlling what happens in your dreams. Astral Projection is being able to have “out of body experiences”. Very simplified explanations of course, but I think those are the basic differences.

  3. in lucid dreaming, you know you are in a fantasy world and you have some conscious influence over the events.
    In astral projection, you travel to a real place and interact with real people, although on a different level.

  4. A lucid dream is a dream where you become aware in that dream that you are in fact dreaming, and can control how you want the dream to play out. That’s a lot of fun!!!
    Astral projection, implies that you on some level can actually leave your physical body *in spirit* and travel to different places, later returning to your body.
    The first is scientifically proven to exist, the second is not, and more over they can stimulate a part of the brain that makes you THINK you can have such an experience.

  5. Lucid dreaming is the ability to control your dreams.
    Astral projection is the feeling of perception from a location other than your physical body.

  6. First, I believe you mean “astral proyection” not “astral project”
    According to what I’ve read and practiced, lucid dreams are when you become aware that you’re dreaming. In that case you can control your dream and re create it to will. The thing is that you usually lose consciousness after a while and you start dreaming again.
    Astral proyection happend when you practice a certain psychological or mystical technique and your soul, or mind or whatever you wanna call it, proyect from your body to a different location or period of time. This phenomenon happened in a more subtle version of this world, not like the lucid dream when you’re in a different version of this world, recreated according to our own psychological structure.
    See you in the other side brotha!


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