Home Discussion Forum whats the difference between kundalini and 3rd eye?

whats the difference between kundalini and 3rd eye?

what is the difference between the two cause i thought unlock Kundalini was ur third eye? or is this a whole nother ball game?
if going to critisize dont even bother


  1. They’re both representations of opening the pineal gland, same thing. The pineal gland is the 3rd eye, it opens the crown chakra which is outside the mind and body. Which I believe is what the halo represents in christian mythology, and the Sun above the head of the Egyptians who had the serpent coming out of their foreheads in their artwork.
    In alchemy it’s often depicted as combining the sun and moon, the left and right sides of the mind, the conscious and the subconscious, the material and the immaterial 🙂

  2. Nothing that mystical about your CPU clock (fo circadian rhythms) that has many features of an eye (pineal gland). Interesting, but not ‘spooooooky’, get it?

  3. Kundalini is the energy that opens your third eye. Your third eye is your pineal gland, it is a small fluid filled sac in the centre of your brain, all neural pathways lead to it. It is called a third eye because it contains rods and cones just like an eye. And in some animals it even has a lens and cornea. It is also responsible for producing dmt while we sleep and give us the ability to visualize with our eyes closed. 🙂
    Practicing Shaman…. quantum physics rocks

  4. Kundalini and the third eye are separate. Kundalini can lead to the “opening” of the third eye. Kundalini is the vril power located at the base of the spine, it goes up through the spine and shoots endorphines and energy to the brain and can awaken the third eye. It basically the energy leading to the awakening to higher consciousness (often referred to as the coiled serpent that goes up the spine). The thing with the kundalini awakening is you have to have somewhat of higher consciousness for it work properly, if you awaken it with a lower (primal) consciousness or ego, it will cause a clash with your system because the two don’t mix, and you could get sick or feel burning pain or something of the like.


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