Home Discussion Forum What's the difference between consciousness and sentience?

What's the difference between consciousness and sentience?


  1. you can become unconscious, you can’t become “non-sentient”
    sentience is being aware, anything with a brain is sentient. whereas consciousness is a state of mind that can be altered, for example with sleep or drugs
    something can be sentient and unconscious, but something cannot be non-sentient and conscious

  2. It depends on how you understand the terms. They could be synonymous, but they could also be somewhat distinct. Sentience could be an aggregate structure that includes not only the core consciousness of being, but also some accidental traits that are closely related. Sentience seems more comprehensive and extensive than consciousness.

  3. Sentience is being aware of your body. Concsciousness is being aware of your own personality. If you’re a conscious being, you feel like your mind is separate from your body- the ‘you’ inside your head.

  4. Consciousness just adds a layer of awareness. Anything sentient can feel. Whether feeling pain or pleasure. Something conscious, would be pondering the mere notion of feeling his senses.


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