• The difference between astral traveling and Astro projection is that in astral traveling you are really moving !

  • There is absolutely no difference. It’s the same thing: the astral body moving outside of it’s physical body. Some experience a falling sensation afterward, some don’t.

    No difference. The subconscious mind is a very powerful thing, not even you have the power to control it, it controls itself.

  • Same meaning, different words.

    I think you mean astral projection/travelling and out of body experiences.

    Out of body experiences are when you perceive to be out of your body in the “real” world – that is – everything seems the same (your bedroom, your house).

    Astral projection/travelling means a dream-like (often spiritual) experience. It is described as a mix between lucid dreaming and out of body experiences – although it is said it is not felt as though it is like a dream, but rather real. Often people astral travel into perceived space and other places.

  • i don’t believe there is a difference. Astral projection is very difficult and takes lots of practice.

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