What's the difference between an empath, psychic, fortune teller, and medium?

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I’m not suppose to say anything if I have visions/dreams?
What if you see possibilities of the future? What does that make you?

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well forune tellers will tell you i elieve i am a psychic and when i have teh dreams or “visions” i dont tell anyone i dont know what a medium is or a empath but good luck finding your answer

Hollister C

None really, they’re all fakes and scammers to a greater or lesser degree.


Empath are people that can feel other people’s emotions as if they were the empath’s own.
Psychic – there are many types of Psychics, you will have to be more specific.
Fortune Teller – could be psychic, but most just read tarot cards and give blanket statements that could apply to anyone.
Medium – a person who can tune into the ultraviolet and infrared waves and talk to and listen to spirits.


emapth: someone sensitive to emotions
psychic: sees the future
fortune teller: sees the future — usually with reference to spirits, ghosts, or some other mechanism (e.g., tarot cards)
medium: talks to or communicates with spirits

Dr.M.D.Jayabalan M

A man with empathy is capable of understanding the feelings of others almost as they feel; and the best examples can be found among poets like Keats.
A psychic is a person who has lost the distinction between himself and other beings; he lives with one leg in reality and the other in the mentally constructed world. He believes the images that pass through his mind are more real and therefore keeps biting, hitting and spitting at them as he these projections of the mind well- defined against plain walls.
A fortune teller is more often one who tries to read your mind and predict your apprehensions and fears and hopes as something that are going to happen. You believe him because he has asserted your own convictions and thoughts.
A medium is a person through whom the spirit of the dead is believed to speak. Here again the language he/ she uses is more often an expression of your own feelings. And there always is a commonness about the language of the medium which can be interpreted in many ways suitable or agreeable to the person approaching him/her.


everyone answered all the difinitions for you
so im only going to elaborate on this question you posed
I’m not suppose to say anything if I have visions/dreams?
there are mixed answers youll find for this one
many will tell you to keep it to yourself
many will tell you that most souls are not ready to receive the information that you have received
i believe that we have entered a new era for the soul((and soul enlightenment)) i also believe that when a soul is sincererly searching, this is when the psychic will have the visions regarding them((or in their presence)) it is my most humble opinion that the soul was divinely placed there with you for the purpose of you sharing ((not keeping from)) those visions you have received … i also believe that in sharing the information with them you will find that the divine source energy which connects us all will “flow” through you with an explaination of that vision beyond anything your finite mind could comprehend – a beautiful experience to be a vessel for the divine
ive never agreed with those who claim a soul may just not be ready and keep the insight to yourself … my biggest reason for disagreement is based on these two facts … one there is a spiritual law that governs anyone with psychic abilities, you may do a reading for anyone who asks you to, you may ask anything regarding that individual that you/they want, you may NOT seek information regarding anyone in that persons life((ie potential mate, current b/f or g/f)) …
the holy spirit/source/divine would not be giving anyone visions regarding anyone else for your own personal information peroid((no offense but it really is just none of our business)), if youre receiving information regarding another soul, it is for you to share


“Psychic” is basically a term used to describe a person with any form of a sixth sense or some kind of paranormal abilities.
An empath is a psychic who can read people’s emotions. It’s basically like reading minds, except you just get the person’s general feelings instead of the actual words.
A fortune teller is a psychic that uses their abilities to read tarot cards for people, predict their futures, etc.
A medium is a psychic who is able to communicate with spirits.
Seeing the future through dreams is a form of being psychic; I’m not certain of the exact term used for it, however.


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