Whats the difference between a Shaman and a sorcerer?







  1. They both use magic, but the Shaman was trying to use magic to heal the sick, foretell the future, interpret dreams, communicate with spirits, etc. The Shaman has a role to play in a tribe, such as the Medicine Man in Native American tribes.

  2. A sorcerer wears a cape and pointed hat and draws a magic circle on the ground. He’s also got a big vat boiling over a fire, a thick magic book on a stand and a magic wand in hand. A Shaman wears a scary mask, becomes possessed by animals and is an occasional drug user. He also guides others on drug trips.
    Got it?

  3. Shamans are medicine (meaning — knowledge) men and women and possess certain skill set specialties. They are the equivalent of the professors in the schools; some have medical skills (as in actual medicine) while others have scientific knowledges or wisdom or what is tantamount to philosophical knowledge. They are therefore referrents.
    Sorcerers tend more in the area of working with nature itself, manipulating matter, which some might call magic, which entails working with illusion; but in fact, sorcerers work as well with materiality, which is not illusional at all.
    Both the shaman and sorcerer can practice the right hand- or the left hand path; the dark and the light side of nature. And theirs ‘can’ cross-collaborate. For in some instances, the two are one in the same.

    • But only in SOME instances.
      The medicine man seeks to heal this world through spirit work and the sorcerer usually seeks to control it or manipulate it with whatever intentions that they have but its very typical for sorcerers to be deceived by seducing spirits where as a good shaman knows the difference in the light and dark but the sorcerer will become entangled in the illusions cast by the spirits.

  4. Shaman’s do more communication with spirits and foretelling and learning for knowledge but do have the ability to gain things like money and love through the spirits. Sorcerers are more or less similar to shamans but shamans whant knowledge and sorcerers more or less want power,influence,and or the ability to alter their lives for wants and needs.

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