• A reiki practitioner is someone who is practicing reiki, whether at level 1 or 2. At those levels, they have not been taught how to attune others and do not have the master symbols necessary to pass on the attunements to others. Also at those levels, they have not had enough experience or training to be able to teach it properly to others, at least for certification purposes.

    There are some variations about what levels are in Reiki, and several variations on Reiki itself.

    For traditional Usui Reiki, there had been 3 levels, Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 (Master level – which had meant you could attune and teach others). Some masters have added in additional levels and broken down the attunement process for some reason and seperated the Master Level and Master/Teacher level. To me, that just seems to be a way to increase the amount of classes one has to teach and for the student to attend.

    Master practitioner – would not be a teacher – as a Master or Master Teacher would not put practitioner in their title, as Master in itself means that you are no longer practicing but have mastered what you are doing.

  • Very litle really. A reiki practitioner will be up to Reiki 2 level – beyond that there is only master, so master and teacher are the same thing.

  • There are totally five levels in Reiki.

    Reiki I (Reiki practitioner – proximity healing) : An attunement to this level enables a person to heal others by touch

    Reiki II (Reiki practioner – distant healing) : An attunement to this level enables a person to heal people from far away, and also to events and occasions

    Reiki IIIA (Reiki Master Practitioner) : This level is 10 times stronger than Reiki II and enables the person to send reiki by thought.

    Reiki IIIB(Reiki Teacher) : This person can teach Reiki I and II levels to other people

    Reiki IIIC (Reiki Master) : At this level, a person can teach ANY reiki level to others.

  • Each one is more insincere and greedy than the one lower than him. Reiki is a fake “new age” confabulation. And although they claim it is hundreds of years old ( there have been charlatans since the beginning of man) it is actually a made up practice, with each practitioner adding what-ever lies to their offerings that will make them the most money. I would personally avoid all such concieted, arrogant and bedeviling thieves and hypocrits!

  • Reiki practitioner has passed level 2 reiki and can perform on others.

    The other two are the same thing and yes masters can teach…

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