Whats the DIfference Between A Necromancer and a Druid?

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Alls i know is that necromancers can summon ghastly demons and skeletal armys and cast bone spells and curses but what other powers does a druid have besides shapeshifting into werewolves and casting elemental spells

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Tommy p

One a tree humper the other is a necrophiliac. Any questions?

david s

Telestomp Elemental Druids are hard to duel with my Bowazon…
Use a Hammerdin against Druids…


wtf are you talking bout

The Apostle

Thats what Im saying….whats the difference…..>

Maurog II

You forgot Summoning, the third branch of the Druid skill tree.
It summons dire wolves, grizzly bears and has several support skills.


necro is like a zombie or a skeleton but a druid is not itws more like a human


Necromancer is like an unplayable class man. Death Knights come really close to that.
Now Druids are just simply OP, I mean have you ever been healed by a Resto Druid before? My warrior has a 2v2 team with one.
Oh we are not talking about World of Warcraft?

Feathered Serpent!

Meh, they are both great in the sack.

Keith Vincent B

are you playing aveyond? if yes, a necromancer can help you by giving you a spell! druids are d one u will save. they rule the kingdoms u r going to discover. they can do magic, too


I suggest you move this question to a gaming forum …


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